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NASA Managers Delay Hubble Servicing Mission

"NASA managers have announced that they will not meet a February 2009 launch date for the fifth and final shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope."

NASA Updates Thursday's Hubble Servicing Mission And Space Shuttle Readiness Review Briefing Time

Telecon notes:

The ground spare to replace a defective unit aboard Hubble will not be ready to support a February 2009 launch so a new launch date is needed. A significant anomaly occurred during testing. Six and a half months of testing is needed before the unit can fly. NASA's plan is to have the spare unit ready to ship in the April 2009 timeframe so as to support a May 2009 launch.

This will also cause an additional delay of Ares 1-X

Hubble Update

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Status Report #6 October 23, 2008

"The Hubble Space Telescope Science Instrument Control and Data Handling system was reactivated on Thursday, October 23. This should enable Wide Field Planetary Camera-2 science observations to resume on Saturday, October 25. The Advanced Camera for Surveys Solar Blind Channel science observations should resume later next week. The Independent Review Team, chaired by Wallops Flight Facility director John Campbell, and the HST Program reported their assessment to Goddard management yesterday."

Hubble Repair Setback

Hubble Science Operations Deferred While Engineers Examine New Issues

"Activation of Hubble Space Telescope science instruments and resumption of science observations has been suspended following two anomalies seen in systems onboard the telescope yesterday. The investigation is continuing. Contingency procedures for a potential switch to a hybrid SI C&DH configuration that would use portions of its Side A and portions of its Side B were tested this morning in HST Program's Vehicle Electrical System Test (VEST) Facility, a high fidelity mock-up of Hubble that resides in a cleanroom at Goddard."

Hubble Repairs Working Well

Hubble Status Report #2

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Status Update #1

"The Hubble Space Telescope team completed switching the required hardware modules to their B-sides about 9:30 a.m. this morning and received telemetry that verified they had good data. Everything at this point looks good."

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Status Report #4715

"At 284/14:25:46 UTC, the SSM HV Protection capability through the NSSC-1 was successfully restored via Ops Request 18307-0. Executive RTCS 21 was enabled to send notification of an HV Protect event through the setting of the former Mechanism Motion flag, and NSSC-1 Global Event Flag 12 was set to allow this transfer across the PIT to the SSM."

Hubble Update

NASA: Briefing on Hubble Problem Status

"NASA will host a media teleconference at 12:30 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, Oct. 14, to brief reporters about the status of efforts to revive the data handling unit that failed on the Hubble Space Telescope in late-September. The failure halted almost all science operations on the orbiting observatory. Audio of the teleconference will be streamed live at:"

Notes: There is very little aging that goes on with an unpowered component in space. It is a very benign storage environment. We have very good confidence that this will work.

The spare unit on the ground was delivered in 1992. Getting everyone back up to speed when the unit was delivered in 1992 is a bit of a challenge. The unit will start testing some time next week - that testing will go on for several months.

This is a Block 1 orbital replacement unit. It is held on by 10 bolts and a single connector. It was made to be one of the easiest things to replace.

We will have a better handle on the status of the hardware in the first week of November.

SpaceX Launch Successful Hubble Repair Mission on Hold (broadcast Friday, October 3rd, 2008), Science Friday

"2:00 pm EDT: Ed Weiler, Associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters"

Hubble Still Dazzles

A Celestial Landscape in Celebration of 10 Years of Stunning Hubble Heritage Images

"The landmark 10th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope's Hubble Heritage Project is being celebrated with a 'landscape' image from the cosmos. Cutting across a nearby star-forming region are the "hills and valleys" of gas and dust displayed in intricate detail. Set amid a backdrop of soft, glowing blue light are wispy tendrils of gas as well as dark trunks of dust that are light-years in height."



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