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Keith's 9 March note: Let's see how many of you pay close attention to all of the photos that NASA releases from Hubble - there have been so many over the past 20+ years. Where is this image from?

Keith's 10 March update: OK, so I played a trick on some of you when originally posted this yesterday. This is not a Hubble image. It is actually a portion of a photo I took yesterday in the woods near my house.

By an utterly eerie coincidence, this press release came out today .... Astronomers use slime mold model to reveal dark threads of the cosmic web: "A computational approach inspired by the growth patterns of a bright yellow slime mold has enabled a team of astronomers and computer scientists at UC Santa Cruz to trace the filaments of the cosmic web that connects galaxies throughout the universe."

I am a biologist - who used to work for NASA - and I run the website. So I see biological and astronomical pattern similarities pretty much everywhere. I was wondering if others did too. When I looked down into this stream yesterday I was immediately reminded of the Eagle Nebula aka The Pillars of Creation, Based on the responses, it looks like I am not alone. The connections between microscopic life on Earth and the vast structure of the cosmos are obvious. Oh yes, and I watched "Cosmos" on TV last night, so ....



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