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NASA Strategic Management Council Meeting: Strategic Communication Framework

"Members discussed the need to know what audiences feel about NASA's relevance to their lives. Ames Center Director Pete Worden suggested that to communicate with younger audiences, the Agency needs to better use the internet and new communications technologies. Chief of Strategic Communications Sterner told members about plans to form cells in the mission directorates that will be responsible to incorporate Agency messages into the communications efforts undertaken as part of mission activities. The goal is to "get everybody on the same page." Sterner encouraged leaders to talk to their staff members who have responsibility for communications."

British Hacker Gary McKinnon Cries Guantnamo Too Much, Wired

"In interviews, McKinnon has admitted the hacking spree (though not the damage), which he says was a search for evidence of a military UFO cover-up. McKinnon, his lawyers and fans have portrayed him as a victim of overreaching U.S. prosecutors. They've all but claimed he's going to wind up with a pointy hood over his head."

Hacker faces US justice after extradition appeal fails, Guardian

"Gary McKinnon, 41, yesterday lost his appeal against extradition to stand trial in the US on charges connected with hacking into the Pentagon and Nasa systems. He is accused of stealing computer files, intentionally causing damage to a protected computer, obtaining secrets which might have been "useful to an enemy" and interfering with maritime navigation equipment. He was initially arrested in 2002."

Free Gary McKinnon, UK website for those who think this is so unfair and that this guy is heading for Guantanamo Bay.

Editor's note: Silly Brits: everyone here knows that we send UFO exposers to Area 51 where memory sucking devices reverse engineered from alien technology reformat people's brains.



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