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Entrust Partners With Government in 'One NASA' Initiative

"The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has enjoyed a long-standing, successful relationship with Entrust, Inc. . Now, that partnership grows even stronger as NASA deploys Entrust solutions to unify their security strategy across all sites and field offices in support of its "One NASA" and HSPD-12 initiatives."

Editor's note: When I go to, I find that no such website exists. Yet if I go to it exists, but a password is needed to enter. is owned by website development firm named If I use the search engine no URL with "OneNASA" appears in the search results. So, does this "OneNASA" entity actually exist? if so, what does it do?

Editor's update: I guess some folks haven't gotten the message yet: OneNASA is dead. According to this 15 December 2006 Internal memo titled "One NASA - Success and Transition" from Mike Griffin: "With this critical success the One NASA initiative has completed the last major milestone in its intial objectives. Furthermore, the Agency has recognized the value of the One NASA approach and has successfully integrated that approach into its formal organizations. Now, it is time to use the existing institutions more, rather than compensating for them; therefore, One NASA is being discontinued as an official NASA intitiative." Reloaded

NASA Site Seeks to Draw the MySpace Crowd, NY Times

"The site, introduced over the weekend, has new blogs and widgets and more ways for people to view and manipulate content. A MyNASA feature has a "top playlist" that lets people watch clips of the space shuttle Discovery's return to Florida or the California wildfires viewed from orbit."

New Targets Young, Tech-Savvy: So, What Do You Think?, Wired

" got a face lift over the weekend. It went from black text in gray boxes, to glowing blue icons, roll-over sliding windows, and an elegant nebula backdrop. The update, the first major renovation since 2003, is designed to reach out to the 18-25 demographic (that has been the hardest for NASA to engage) and to appeal to the tech-savvy visitor."

Editor's note: So - what do you think of the redesigned Send your comments to Your replies thus far:



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