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Reader note: "Mr. Cowing, A couple of things regarding the Gen Y pitch you posted on NASAWatch on 4/25/08, just for the heck of it.

First, I found this item "Why Generation Y is broke" linked on InstaPundit earlier today - you may find it interesting if you haven't already read it.

Second, something in the above item made me think about the real message of that Gen Y NASA pitch, so I re-read that pitch. My conclusion - Gen Y is all about Gen Y, even the NASA Gen Y folks. Except for one bullet, the first sub-bullet on Page 20 (by Adobe Reader's count - don't they teach Gen Y folks about page numbers, especially on LONG presentations?), the thrust of the entire presentation seems to be: What can you old farts do for us? [ Editor's note: Editor's note: This is my fault - I converted this presentation to pdf from Powerpoint]

NASA: How CoWorking Opened Us Up, PSFK Conference

"In this out-take from PSFK Conference New York, Andrew Hoppin talks about the moment when NASA decided that they needed to open up and collaborate more with their partners and the community in Silicon Valley, they were faced with the challenges of 'home-land' security and red-tape."

Next Gen Presentation NASA Strategic Management Council 15 April 2008

"We're asking to create an environment where all NASA employees can leverage their strengths to push the limits of science and space exploration by:

- Providing the current NASA workforce with infusion of fresh ideas, methodologies and technologies.
- Providing the Next Gen NASA workforce the programs and experience today that it needs to be the leaders in the future.
- Enabling enhanced communication and collaboration between NASA centers.
- Getting more young people in the door."

DATE: 03/28/2008
NOTE BODY: The Office of Strategic Analysis and Communications Ares integration team created a YouTube ID for Ares video content and researched technical specifications and procedures for uploading video content to YouTube. This is part of an outreach into new media to engage the interest of Generation Y in NASA's work.

Editor's note: They certainly can make something that just about any kid in grammar school can do these days (i.e. "click to upload") sound very formalistic and technical. Ah, NASA.

NOMAD Operational Status

"Tuesday, April 1, 2008 - 9:30 AM Central - Goodlink Outage (March 25-27, 2008) At this time a root cause for the issue that caused the outage is undetermined. The NOMAD Team is waiting for additional information from Good that will hopefully pinpoint the root cause. The team did several things to correct the issue but it is undetermined which action or the combination of actions corrected the problem.- deleted corrupted cache files, moved the Good admin account to another server, deleted old mapi profile."



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