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NASA Hosts Industry Day to Discuss IT Infrastructure Acquisitions

"On Wednesday, July 23, NASA will host an Industry Day to discuss upcoming agency-wide acquisitions for the Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Improvement Program, or I3P. The program strategically will procure information technology infrastructure services for NASA."

NASA Solicitation: NASA Headquarters Agency-wide Infrastructure Improvement Program Industry Day

"NASA will NOT conduct an open Question and Answer session as a part of this meeting."

Editor's note: WayneHale Is now Twittering. He has 16 followers. Maybe he will add a few more. Update: in 2 hours he more than doubled his number of followers.

Oh yes MarsPhoenix currently has 20,057 followers. CNNBreaking News has 21,667 followers. Soon Phoenix may be more popular than CNN on Twitter - and will have done so in mere weeks.

The Real Value of Twitter To NASA's Space Missions, Wired

"What better way to reach a multi-tasking, short-attention-spanned Gen Y'er than to limit your messages to 140 characters? I think my favorite NASA Baby Boomer reaction to Twitter (a micro blogging tool that lets you send 140 characters to subscriber's Instant Messaging programs or cell phones) is, "Well, there is a technology that solves a problem I don't have."

Editor's note: Yawn, yet another example of someone parsing new Internet capabilities (such as Twitter) into false dichotomiesas belonging to either Gen Y or Baby Boomers. This is getting old. Look at the most popular Twitter feeds. I can see a large number of authors/topics whose feeds are most certainly NOT being authored by someone from Gen Y. Can't we all just get along and use these tools without applying an inaccurate litmus test?

Instant Messaging Proves Useful in Reducing Workplace Interruption, Ohio State

"Employers seeking to decrease interruptions may want to have their workers use instant messaging software, a new study suggests. A recent study by researchers at Ohio State University and University of California, Irvine found that workers who used instant messaging on the job reported less interruption than colleagues who did not."

Hacking Phoenix

Hacker changes Phoenix Mars Lander's website, spokeswoman says, AP

"A spokeswoman for the Phoenix Mars Lander mission says a hacker took over the mission's public website during the night and changed its lead news story. Spokeswoman Sara Hammond says a mission update posted Friday was replaced with a hacker's signature and a link redirecting visitors to an overseas website."

Investigative Summary Regarding Allegations that NASA Suppressed Climate Change Science and Denied Media Access to Dr. James E. Hansen, A NASA Scientist

"Regardless of the aforementioned Space Act standards, we otherwise found that the Agency mismanaged this activity insomuch as it occurred over a sustained period of time until senior management was eventually alerted by congressional staff and the media. That senior management did not know before then was emblematic of ineffective internal management controls such as a dispute resolution mechanism between contributing scientists and public affairs officials. This is especially true in that relations between NASA's climate change science community and the NASA Headquarters Office of Public Affairs had somehow deteriorated into acrimony, non-transparency, and fear that science was being politicized--attributes that are wholly inconsistent with effective and efficient Government. The investigation also uncovered that one of the underlying contributing factors of these problems may have, in fact, been in the very structure of the NASA Headquarters Office of Public Affairs, where political appointees were placed in the seemingly contradictory position of ensuring the "widest practicable" dissemination of NASA research results that were arguably inconsistent with the Administration's policies, such as the "Vision for Space Exploration."

Excerpts below

Editor's 31 May 11 pm EDT update: The MarsPhoenix Twitter feed now has 11,667 followers whereas the Twitter feeds for Twitter's Co-founder Biz Stone only has 11,178, Stephen Colbert has 10,593 followers, and Gen Y techie favorite Wil Wheaton (Star Trek actor) has 11,270 followers.

Editor's 1 June 12 am EDT update: One hour later and there are now 12,119 followers. That's nearly a 5% increase in just one hour.

Editor's 1 June 12 pm EDT update: Now up to 13,970 followers. Twitterholic now ranks it at 20th most popular.

Editor's 2 June 12 am EDT update: Now up to 15,038 followers. While the Twitterholic ranking has not been updated, this number of followers would rank it at around 14. At this growth rate MarsPhoenix will break into the top ten in a matter of days - and all of the great science news has just started to arrive.

Editor's 2 June 12 pm EDT update: Its now up to 15,626 followers. Twitterholic shows it ranked as the 14th most popular Twitter feed. Next big hurdle: passing CNN Breaking News (cnnbrk) with 20,330 followers.

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