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NASA LaRC Website Policy LMS-CP-5909 Revision: F

"General Note - Web sites shall be reviewed yearly for public web sites and every three years for all other web sites by the RNO for the web site. This review shall be reflected by renewal of web site registrations in AWRS. Policy and content reviews shall be performed yearly for public web sites and every three years for all other web sites by Center subject matter experts tracked by AWRS as required by the Agency and LaRC Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO). Any violations of these policies and content restrictions constitute grounds for removal of the web site from the LaRC Network. The RNO for web sites that do not meet established guidelines will be contacted and informed of necessary changes. Failure to incorporate required changes within 30 days will necessitate removal from the LaRC Network."

Keith's note: Typical NASA: come up with a convoluted multi-step process to develop websites - one that requires many people to complete and approve, tolerates long lag times for compliance, and then allows the websites to sit for years before anyone is required to check to see if they still work.



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