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Throwing away resources

20 July 2004: Having Too Much and Too Little Oxygen on the Space Station, SpaceRef

"Several Russian Progress spacecraft were allowed to reenter Earth's atmosphere in 2003 carrying unused oxygen supplies. In one case, half of the oxygen being delivered to the ISS was dumped into the Pacific Ocean when these Progress spacecraft later reentered the Earth's atmosphere. Within months the ISS would face the prospect of a shortfall in oxygen supplies - and contingency scenarios, which included leaving the ISS, unmanned as an option."

8 July 2004: Space station scenario an unlikely protection, sources say, NY Times via Houston Chronicle

"The employees who provided the documents said the agency was cutting corners on cost and demanding that its schedule of space station construction be followed, with safety an afterthought. "Despite all the hype about the so-called culture changing at NASA," said one employee, "recent events have given us little confidence that NASA management will do the right thing."



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