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NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 29 April 2005

"Update on Elektron: After yesterday's two unsuccessful tries at restarting the Elektron O2 generator (one before, one after an effort by Krikalev to repair a leak in the nitrogen feed hose), ground specialists are considering plans to replace the currently installed BZh-7 (Liquid Unit #7) with the spare (but used) BZh-6 in the near future (BZh-6 was checked out for functionality by Sharipov on 4/7-8). As of last night, the pressure onboard the ISS was within Flight Rule limits, and specialists believe another O2 repress from 17 Progress tanks may be necessary over the weekend ahead."

ECLSS Problems on ISS

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 28 April 2005

"Update on Elektron: This morning s attempt at reactivating the Elektron was not successful. Telemetry data are being analyzed at present, to assist in the development of further troubleshooting steps.
Update on SKV Dehumidifiers: The Russian air conditioners are still not producing water for the condensate recovery system."

Life Science Research on Space Station Is Headed for Big Cuts, Science (subscription)

"Baldwin says the space biology effort would be "decimated" in the new plan. Both he and Charles Oman, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aerospace engineer tracking the research plan, expect that the animal research facilities will be dropped. In addition, documents first posted last week by the Web site NASAWatch show that the agency will roughly halve the number of station racks in use aboard the space station to four; limit astronaut hours from the 15 hours planned to 10 hours; and slice funding for integrating the experiments into the racks by 38% starting in 2006. NASA Deputy Chief Scientist Howard Ross says that the document, to be completed next month, is only "for planning purposes." And he rejects the notion that the community has been excluded from discussions."

NASA Internal Presentation: FY06 ISS Program Budget Challenge POIF

"Programmatic Direction:

It is now acceptable to have a loss of science caused by either system failure, loss of detailed planning, or personnel error.
Maximizing planning to achieve the most out of crew time is no longer a requirement.
Customer Satisfaction is no longer a requirement."

[Image of individual serving package]

Russian Cosmonaut Says Alcohol Should Be Allowed on ISS, MosNews

"The Russian cosmonaut said that it would be "desirable" for spacemen to have 50 milliliters of wine or cognac every day. "But only to improve our work, to better cope with the psychological stress," Sharipov said."

Editor's note: Perhaps this is a good idea. It sure beats the alternatives if on-orbit "psychological stress" is allowed to go untreated ...

ISS Emergency Procedures: Behavioral - Suicidal - Emergency and Behavioral - Acute Psychosis

"Talk with the patient while you are restraining him. Explain what you are doing, and that you are using a restraint to ensure that he is safe. Restrain patient using Gray Tape around wrists, ankles, and use a bungee around the torso. Administer 5 mg *Valium (Diazepam) Oral (P1-A12) - Sedative, (blue) anticonvulsant, antiseizure drug"

McDonald's Honors NASA Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao for Mission Accomplished

"McDonald's congratulates NASA Astronaut and former McDonald's restaurant crew employee, Commander Leroy Chiao on a successful mission in outer space. Upon his return to Earth, McDonald's will present Dr. Chiao the flagship Big Mac sandwich and French fries in Star City, Russia approximately 40 miles outside of Moscow. The McDonald's meal will be one of the first meals on Earth Dr. Chiao will enjoy in nearly 200 days."

NASA Space Station Status Report 24 April 2005

"After traveling more than 78 million miles aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 10 Commander and NASA ISS Science Officer Leroy Chiao and Flight Engineer Salizhan Sharipov returned to Earth today. With them was ESA Astronaut Roberto Vittori."

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 24 April 2005

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 21 April 2005, NASA HQ

"Soyuz-215/9S Status: The backup/reserve battery of the Soyuz 9S vehicle is known to be degraded, with some unquantifiable charge remaining. TsUP/Moscow is considering a modified return/descent plan by reducing the time between undocking and landing, requiring lower-than-nominal battery capacity to reduce reliance on the reserve battery."

"Please use this message as a reminder that one week from today, on Friday April 22, the ESMD ADBS Docking ICP Project is hosting a Docking Technical Forum across NASA Parkway from the Johnson Space Center at the Nassau Bay Hilton."

NASA Internal Presentation: FY06 ISS Program Budget Challenge POIF

"Programmatic Direction:

It is now acceptable to have a loss of science caused by either system failure, loss of detailed planning, or personnel error.
Maximizing planning to achieve the most out of crew time is no longer a requirement.
Customer Satisfaction is no longer a requirement."

Sen. Hutchison Promises "Reinvigorated" NASA Subcommittee

"Sen. Hutchison initiated the idea to pursue a national laboratory designation for the ISS. NASA officials noted that they had begun to look at long-term plans for ISS utilization in 2003. At Sen. Hutchison's urging, the officials stated they will revisit those earlier planning efforts."

Senator Hutchison to Chair International Space StationHearing

- William Readdy
- Mary Ellen Weber
- Ms. Marcia Smith
- Jeffrey Sutton

Soyuz TMA-6 Lifts off from Baikonur Cosmodrome

"Launch of Soyuz TMA-6 (Soyuz 10S) carrying the ISS Expedition 11 crew of Sergei Krikalev and John Phillips and ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori occured on time this evening at 8:46 pm EDT. This is Krikalev's sixth flight into space - while both Phillips and Vittori are both making their second trip."

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 6 April 2005

"The Elektron O2 generator remains off. The FE today performed part 1 of a functional checkout on an older spare liquid unit (BZh #6), supported by tagup with ground specialists. Both micropumps were diagnosed "with bubbles". More troubleshooting is planned for Friday (4/8)." ..."With the Vozdukh carbon dioxide (CO2) removal system turned off, Salizhan replaced the second LiOH (lithium hydroxide) absorbent filter cartridges (PP) and activated it. This is the second of 14 lifetime-expired but unused Russian LiOH canisters onboard."

ISS Panel Report, Integrated Space Operations Summit

"- Based on current requirements, the cargo vehicle flight rate after Shuttle retirement does not meet the projected re-supply and return needs of ISS
- Requirement reductions alone will not eliminate the transportation shortfall; additional transportation capabilities will be required
- With retirement of the Shuttle, the ISS faces a transportation shortfall based on current requirements
- The ISS Program should continue to pursue alternate means to deliver cargo to and from the ISS
- Exploration systems should pursue the use of the ISS as an engineering/science test bed to develop and prove the systems and crew health measures required for exploration beyond low Earth orbit"



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