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NRC Report: Review of NASA Plans for the International Space Station

"The panel saw no evidence of an integrated resource utilization plan for use of the ISS in support of the Exploration Missions. Presentations that covered some elements of criteria and processes for determining priorities for utilization of ISS for different exploration missions demonstrated poor definition of those criteria and processes. In particular, the materials presented to the panel did not seem to take into account the effects that high priorities assigned to one mission would have on factors such as the ability to complete another, perhaps later mission, through depletion of necessary resources or limitation of necessary lead times."

ISS Crew On Letterman

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 28 November 2005

"At ~8:00am EST, CDR McArthur supported a PAO/TV event, downlinking a "Top 10" list for the "David Letterman Show" on CBS."

Erasing Life Science at ARC

NASA ARC Solicitation: Operation of the Ames Research Center Animal Care Facility

"This is a special notice to all potential sources who are interested that the procurement is hereby cancelled."

Editor's note: This actually makes a lot of sense given that Mike Griffin has decided to erase all life science research at ARC.

ISS Festivities at JSC

ISS Science Cuts Update

Dear Colleagues:

NASA is proposing to "realign" research and technology in the physical and life sciences in order to accelerate the development of crew vehicles and to complete the ISS. What this means is that most all that work will be eliminated so that not only won't the objectives of the Exploration Initiative be fulfilled but also, all of NASA's human spaceflight capabilities will be lost. Furthermore, all the research and engineering workforces with experience in reduced-gravity phenomena that have been nurtured over 30 years are being decimated.

ISS Science Cuts Update

Space station research faces axe as Nasa cuts $344m to save Moon and Mars quest, The Guardian

"They're cutting hundreds of millions of dollars of life sciences research that has been planned, in some cases, for decades," said Keith Cowing, a former Nasa scientist and now editor of the Nasa Watch web site. "Hundreds of contractors have been laid off at several research centres run by Nasa."

End of an Era for SAMS

"On November 1, 2005, the SAMS-II and MAMS were intentionally powered off due to lack of current microgravity science on-board the ISS. The SAMS-II and MAMS are being put into a dormant state in anticipation of future microgravity-based research to be conducted on ISS."



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