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NASA International Space Station Independent Safety Task Force Meeting

"The agenda for the meeting includes the following topics: --Presentations related to the IISTF's charter to assessing any vulnerabilities of the ISS that could lead to its destruction, compromise the health of its crew, or necessitate its premature abandonment."

ISS End of Life Disposal (7 April 1999)

CMG Problems on ISS?

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 23 June 2006

"Yesterday, CMG-3 (Control Moment Gyroscope 3) exhibited offnominal signatures in SMCC (Spin Motor Commanded Current) and vibrations, first appearing coincidental with the SSRMS (Space Station Remote Maneuvering System) checkout. They stabilized and returned to normal values after ~5.5 hours. [Such elevated SMCCs and vibrations have been seen before during Robotics ops, but their long persistence is clearly unusual.]"

Space debris to pass metres from ISS, AFP

"The object, which could pass 240 metres above the station, is a piece of abandoned American cargo launched in 1963" and weighing 79 kilogrammes (175 pounds), said a spokesman for the centre, Vsevolod Latychev."

Editor's note: Check out this image from the ISS inside Destiny Module. Look at the upper left hand corner of the image - at high resolution.

Is that a bunch of party balloons? Are they evidence of an on-orbit birthday party? Jeff Williams' birthday is on 18 January. Pavel Vinogradov's is on 31 August. Guess not. However, this ISS status report noted that "Vinogradov and Williams had a day off on Monday, Russian Independence Day" and this image was posted the next day. I'll ask NASA PAO (they deserve a fun question to answer every now and then)

Editor's update: Allard Beutel from NASA PAO just called to tell me that the balloons were actually part of a surprise birthday greeting for Jeff William's wife during a private family session a few weeks ago.

Confederate flags on space station draw ire, MSNBC

How Did A Confederate Flag Get Aboard the International Space Station?, SpaceRef

Editor's 13 June 6:40 pm EDT update: I just spoke with Alex Panchenko, the person who posted this item on eBay. Panchenko called to tell me that he had spoken with Salizhan Sharipov today and that Sharipov knew absolutely nothing about these flags. Panchenko told me that his source for these flags was a third party and not Sharipov. As such he is now convinced that these flags are not what they were presented as being and that they are forgeries.

Moreover, Panchenko told me that he was unaware of the controversy that surrounds this flag in the U.S. until he consulted a history book. He told me that had he known what this flag represents to some people he would never have posted it on eBay in the first place or even consider selling it at all. Panchenko is now making certain that everyone knows that this was the result of an honest mistake and is trying to get eBay to pull the item off of its website.

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 8 June 2006

"Elektron is off, having shut down offnominally last night after running for several hours on 24 amps without apparent issues. Cause of the shutdown is currently unknown (suspect: the power supply), and troubleshooting by RSC-Energia will get underway tonight with diagnostic system tests. [There is no immediate impact, since oxygen represses can still be performed from either Progress 20P or 21P O2 tanks.]"



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