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Yawn From Paris

Heads of Agency International Space Station Joint Statement

"PARIS - The heads of the International Space Station partners, space agencies from Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States, met at European Space Agency Headquarters in Paris, France, on January 23, 2007, to review ISS cooperation."

Heads of Agency ISS Press Conference (Transcript)

"QUESTIONER: Jessica Mazzeray [ph] from Russia Today. I would just like to know if the time scheduled for completion of the ISS is still the same, and also what do you estimate the final cost of its construction to be?

DR. GRIFFIN: I can't give you a cost number. The completion date will be prior to the end of 2010, with some margin. We will fly our last assembly flight."

NASA Reference Guide to the International Space Station

"This book is designed to provide a broad overview of the Station's complex configuration, design, and component systems, as well as the sophisticated procedures required in the Station's construction and operation. The ISS is in orbit today, operating with a crew of three. Its assembly will continue through 2010. As the ISS grows, its capabilities will increase, thus requiring a larger crew. Currently, 16 countries are involved in this venture."

Editor's note: This is really a marvelous document - one well worth downloading and reading.

Talking With An Astronaut

A Student Astronaut talks with a Space Station astronaut, Planetary Society

"Former Student Astronaut Vignan Pattamatta just had the opportunity to join a live conversation with astronauts aboard the International Space Station, specifically Sunita Williams, who is the second Indian-American woman to go to space."



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