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Tracking Jules Verne

From ESA's ATV Blog: "We've come across a cool ATV online tracker gadget which we really want to share with you. Click through for Isana Kashiwai's GoogleSatTrack which uses Google Maps. Not only is it exciting to get a visualisation of where Jules Verne is flying right now, but you also get an idea of how fast it's whizzing round the planet up there. And, what's different about this tracker... on the same screen you can see the International Space Station chasing behind ATV."

Editor's note: It would seem this image (S123E00737B) of a specially outfitted Kermit the Frog aboard the ISS appeared - and then disappeared - from the NASA Human Spaceflight website. Larger image.

What gives? Does NASA PAO have something against frogs?

Hey Dextre, Wake Up

NASA struggles to wake space station robot, USA Today

"The International Space Station's new $210 million robot, a two-armed giant named Dextre, refused to come to life on command Thursday, jeopardizing NASA's plans to get the robot up and running over the next week. Mission Control tried to power up the robot's pieces early Thursday soon after they were installed on the station, but there was no response. Engineers plan to make a software fix sometime after 5 a.m. ET Friday that might wake the robot from its sleep."

NASA STS-123 Execute Package FD04

"Today, you will open up the JLP and add to the total square footage of ISS. The Harris County tax assessors estimate that this will increase the value of the station by $43.6 M, and the millage rates will be increased accordingly. We may have to dip into your per diem as we had not counted on the higher resulting rent for your crew. The good news is that if we add a bathroom and bamboo flooring to the JLP, we can more than double that assessed value in resale price!"

Endeavour Docks With ISS

Space Shuttle Endeavour Docks Successfully to the International Space Station

"Space shuttle Endeavour docked successfully to the International Space Station at 11:49 p.m. EDT. About an hour before docking, STS-123 Commander Dominic Gorie and Pilot Gregory H. Johnson guided the shuttle through a back-flip maneuver, giving the Expedition 16 crew the opportunity to take pictures of the orbiter's protective heat-resistant tiles. These photos will be sent to engineers on Earth for analysis."

Additional ISS and Shuttle news

Jules Verne Launched

ESA's Jules Verne Is In Orbit

"Jules Verne, the first of the European Space Agency's Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV), a new series of autonomous spaceships designed to re-supply and re-boost the International Space Station (ISS), was successfully launched into low Earth orbit by an Ariane 5 vehicle this morning."

Europe's resupply rocket a good step, Huntsville Times

"For intents and purposes, the ATV is like a mini-space station or a separate module. It's automated and can dwell in orbit for an extended period of time and then dock with the station," said Keith Cowing, editor of "It's really an alternative to what the Russians have, the Progress (capsule). Progress has worked well for decades, but the ATV brings new capabilities to the station."

Jules Verne ATV Blog



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