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Former NASA chief: U.S. needs to go to moon again

"In his talk before the Tuscaloosa Rotary Clubs regular meeting, Michael Griffin reiterated many points he originally brought up in an op-ed piece for the Washington Post published last month, saying that in the past 30 years, the U.S. has lost much of the momentum and vision that helped create the countrys space program in the first place."

Former NASA chief: U.S. needs to go to moon again, Tuscaloosa News

"[Griffin] said that NASA's focus on continuing the space shuttle program and developing the International Space Station in partnership with other countries was to the detriment of America's future in space. He noted that the shuttle is scheduled to be retired in another couple of years and there is no firm commitment to another space project on the scale of the moon landing."

The Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa

"The club has shown continued growth. From 147 members in July 2001, membership recently passed the 200 mark."

Keith's note: I think all NASA administrators (and former administrators for that matter) should speak more often before small, local organizations such as this - and do so all over America. I can think of no better way to connect with the real world outside of Washington. But, in so doing, they need to present a message that resonates with the daily realities that confront their audience - not imaginary issues filled with sour grapes, posturing, and rhetoric intended for the disinterested ears of a few policy wonks inside the beltway who might just be listening via the Internet.

Don't you have classes to teach, Mike? It's time for you to just shut up once and for all and let Charlie Bolden run NASA.

NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 August 2009

"Mike Barratt had ~1.5 hrs for taking special photographic shots with the D2X digital cameras for starting Photosynth mapping in the FGB, Lab, Node-1, Node-2, Airlock, Columbus, Kibo JPM and JLP. [Photosynth is a Microsoft-developed process to turn series of photos into 3-D panoramic vistas. Photosynth allows everyone (except Mac users) to create unique panoramas or "synths" using their own photos. Photosynth was already used by NASA last year for RPM (R-bar Pitch Maneuver) photography of the Orbiter underside. It is being used to create a 3-D rendering of the ISS's interior for training purposes, so astronauts familiarize themselves with their new home before they get there.]"

Keith's note: I wonder if they will put all of this online. They really should.

Keith's note: According to an email from NASA PAO: "ISS Photosynth models along with Photosynth models of the Mars rovers have been posted since May 7 (NASA Press Release). The Photosynth models can be accessed through the station webpage at A model of the HST using imagery from STS-125 was added soon after servicing mission completion. The ISS Photosynth site is being maintained and periodically updated and improved."



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