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Son of Dreamtime?

NASA and Internet Archive Team to Digitize Space Imagery

"Making NASA's important scientific and space exploration imagery available and easily accessible online to all is a service of tremendous value to America, and we're pleased to partner with the experts at Internet Archive to accomplish this effort," said Robert Hopkins, chief of strategic communications at NASA Headquarters, Washington."

NASA, Dreamtime Partnership Propels Space Information Age to New Heights

"Not only does this bring the space program into partnership with Silicon Valley," said NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin, "but the partnership also puts NASA at the forefront of the information age. This is innovative government at its best."

Wikipedia Edits - Government Goes Wild, All Spin Zone

"Want to know what agencies in the U.S. government are making changes to Wikipedia? Try this "top 25 list on for size (from Government Executive Tech Insider): 1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( 6,846"

Reader note: "Here's the interesting piece of the puzzle: look up wikipedia entry for ATK. You will find the history tells a story the Challenger was the result of NASA specs. No spec for cold weather performance. -

No mention of pressure applied to potential whistle blower from Morton Thiokol about risk of launch in cold weather and subsequent subtle implied threat regarding contracts for furture work and relation to current job..."

Reader note: "Re the Wikipedia write-ups, I clicked on the Thiokol link and then, under the 1986 history item, on "space shuttle Challenger". Here is what that says for STS 51L (bolding is mine): "The mission ended in disaster following the destruction of Challenger 73 seconds after lift-off because of the failure of an O-ring seal on Challenger's right solid rocket booster, which led to the rapid disintegration of the shuttle stack due to overwhelming aerodynamic pressures. The seven-member crew was killed some time after the breakup of the vehicle."

Now, given that today's college students do much of their research by perusing Wikipedia, can one wonder why they are so relatively ignorant?"



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