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Editor's note: Check out the NASA JPL home page It would seem that someone doesn't know that OCO made a big splash off of Antarctica earlier this week.

Editor's update: They fixed it. This is what it looked like before the fix.

NOMAD Problems Ahead

NASA NOMAD: Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2007 - Friday, February 27

"On Friday, February 27, your mailbox will be upgraded to Exchange 2007. It is extremely important that you DO NOT use your email between the times noted above. Any email messages sent during this activity window will be queued and delivered upon completion of the activity. Following this activity, the default mailbox size will be increased immediately from 200 MB to 400 MB. However, if you currently have a 500 MB mailbox, your mailbox size will be increased to 1 GB within 24 business hours."

Twitter In Government Agencies: Best Practices, Social Government

"Perhaps the best of example this is @NASA, an agency that fully understands the meaning of Twitter and social media (more on that later). @NASA teases press releases and YouTube videos with tweets written by a human, among other things. The result: over 12,500 followers."

Social media tools slow to take root, Federal Computer Week

"Everybody's talking about Web 2.0, but only some are using it. Although agencies are adopting collaborative and social-networking tools to work smarter and faster, they are doing so only in pockets. However, some of those pockets are deep. This spring, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center will launch a social-networking Web site, named Spacebook, for employees. The site will mimic Facebook and feature individuals' profiles, expertise and personal interests, said Linda Cureton, chief information officer at Goddard."

Editor's note: Something called "Spacebook" already exists.

Feds and YouTube close to reaching a deal to post video, Nextgov

"The federal government is on the verge of reaching an agreement with YouTube that would allow agencies to make official use of the popular video-sharing service. A coalition of federal agencies led by the General Service Administration's Office of Citizen Services has been negotiating with Google, YouTube's parent company, since summer 2008 on new terms that would allow agencies to establish their own channels on the site. Agencies have not been able to post videos to YouTube (although many already have) because, under the current terms of service, people who post content on the site are subject to their state libel laws. Federal agencies must adhere to federal law. A larger obstacle has been YouTube's policy that videos are the responsibility of the person who posts the content. If federal agencies post a video on the site, the government considers it part of the public domain, and therefore does not consider itself to be liable for the content. For the federal channel, these clauses would be removed."

Editor's note: According to Wikipedia "Microsoft Office 2007 was released to volume license customers on November 30, 2006 and made available to retail customers on January 30, 2007." ODIN is only getting around to offering it in 2009...

"From: Lyles, Linda (GSFC-731.0)[LMIT]
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009 3:21 PM
Subject: FW: Microsoft Office 2007 Training

Attention ODIN PC Users:

Microsoft Office 2007 is coming! To that end, ODIN Customer Outreach will conduct differences training starting early February. It is our desire to present information that will be useful to your organization.



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