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bnjacobs On this day in 1958 President Dwight Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act, creating NASA.

NASAHurricane The Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean get another "Clean bill of Health" with no tropical storm formation expected in the next 48 hours

AlanStern is about to spend 2 long, long days in one small room helping some dreamers bring human space flight into the 21st century.

alias_amanda Results of Twitter meetup: outsider perspectives say #NASA still just broadcasting info, no 2-way convo. Hear that, PAO? I'm guessing not.

HMP 24 Hour Mars-1 Humvee Rover Traverse with Suitport and Many other HMP Activities

NASA_HSF Don't forget, you can join us live tomorrow on NASA TV #nasahsf

brianshiro FMARS is in great shape now. If only it had been this way when we got here! Oh well, the FMARS-13 crew should hit the ground running.

absolutspacegrl Um. Hello? RT @spacecommerce: NASA JSC Solicitation: Open Innovation Support Services

astroengine Are these the droids we're looking for? RT @KeithCowing: Russian Space Cargo Droid Leaves Earth For the Space Station

LCROSS_NASA Where am I now? Cruisin' at 1.09km/s(2432mph). 384,500km from Earth.715,500km from Moon. Odometer: 2,966,600km since launch. Mission Day 39.

RyInSpace I just received my NASA Astronaut Candidate Program "Dear John" letter from Duane Ross. It's nice to have official closure on this 1st try.

nasahqphoto See the entire "NASA Update" set of images at:

Keith's note: According to brianshiro: Webcast with the FMARS crew tomorrow [Thursday] morning 10:30 Eastern on Well, I went to and the website simply does not work on a Mac. I tried 4 different browsers on two different computers and all I get is "Please fill out survey form first" and lots of blank white space when I try the Flash webcast. All of my plugins are up to date. Flip4mac doesn't work either. Oh well. The website says "last updated May 17, 2006."

brianshiro: Webcast with the FMARS crew tomorrow [Thursday] morning 10:30 Eastern on

brianshiro The FMARS website is really shaping up:

NASA_Spinoff NASA Spinoff featured on CNN:

NASA_HSF The subgroups are meeting and reviewing the results of each group's analysis to date.

NewHorizons2015 The NH team is preparing for a major meeting Aug 3-4 to ID needed changes from a detailed audit of the Pluto encounter command sequence.

singularityu The first three weeks in pictures at the Singularity University #singularityu

PavilionLake Highlights of our field science and exploration season available here:

OnOrbit Video: Solar Eclipse As Seen From Orbit

RichardGarriott So... the ISS toilet is having issues... Well, hey, I am fully trained in taking it apart and rebuilding it... I'll volunteer to go fix it!

astroengine Now for a proper tune [Agnelli & Nelson - Holding Onto Nothing]

Regolith_Chal Moonfest exceeded all expectations! @NLSI Stopped the traffic (literally). Booth was mobbed all day. Amazing demand for Lunar Exploration.

Bob_Richards 10,000 people descended on NASA Ames today for public "MoonFest", people definitely want to be part of space exploration.

worden Great MoonFest today at NASA Ames - 10K people - many kids. They are our future - their faces tell me - we WILL settle the solar system!

NASA_HSF Please comment on the document "Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit"

HMP HMP Research Station Status Report

spaceed Testimony of Miles O'Brien: Hearing on Enhancing the Relevance of Space to Address National Needs

jeff_foust Unimpressed with most of the NewSpace 2009 biz plan presentations. Poor research, unrealistic financials in many cases.

KeithCowing #JohnGlennLecture Mike Collins is afraid that going to the Moon will leave us in a "technological briar patch" and not going on to Mars.

KeithCowing @therealBuzz "Yes we can. YES WE CAN" speaking at #JohnGlennLecture at the National Air and Space Museum

brianshiro I'm back from a long 3-hour EVA in the rain, but we accomplished a lot.

martian1113 It's a beautiful day at FMARS - let's hope the weather holds! And, I finally slept ok last night, without meds, for the first time in weeks.

KenMonroe RT @KeithCowing Let's Name the LCROSS Impact Crater After Walter Cronkite

Virgin_Galactic We are still collecting songs so please give us the one song you would like to listen to in space!

brianshiro I finally finished creating all of the survey design, procedures, and cheat sheets for my FMARS electromagnetic groundwater survey.

comtnclimr I'm was in same room as men who walked on moon! Kennedy Center show was awesome. Hope they play it for everyone on NASA TV.

HMP HMP Research Station Status Report

Keith's note: In June I visited and was astonished to see no mention of NASA. I went back to today and searched for the following items from NASA in the Raw Data Catalog in XML, CSV/Text, KML/KMZ, Shapefile, and other formats, "Moon, Mars, Earth, Space, sun, universe" and got "No matching records found. Please try your search again or suggest a dataset." I then did a search in the Tool Catalog and only got two hits - for "earth". Under Geodata Catalog I got a lot of stuff in response to a search for "sun" - MODIS, UARS, and AIRS/AQUA datasets. But nothing in response to my other search terms.

Since my first post NASA has now been included in the options for search and some data is in there. But for an agency that prides itself on its scientific prowess - one that now results in terabytes of data streaming back to Earth from dozens of active spacecraft, adding to the massive amount that has been collected in the past 50 years, the comparative near absence of NASA data in this new government service is a little baffling. But they are working at it. Stay tuned.

NASA is Missing From, earlier post

@milesobrien Weather 40% "no-go" for Shuttle launch. Seems like a sure thing at this point! Our webcast begins 2:30pET/1830UTC

@alain_csa New battery bank installed on Devon Island greenhouse by the greenhouse team!,

@milesobrien I am testifying before Congress tomorrow. Subject is "enhancing the relevance of space..." Would love your thoughts.

@bnjacobs Send your name to Mars! Looks like most of the names submitted so far are from California. C'mon! #NASA

@KSC_MOCOP Probability of KSC weather prohibiting launch still 40%. Main concern is showers and thunderstorms within 20NM of SLF.

@alain_csa @HMP, the greenhouse team conducted a greenhouse survey, analysed the spring growth system and organized cargo.

@SPOTScott Working hard @ the gym to regain some of the 25lbs lost on Everest; should I write "The Everest Diet"? Definitely Oprah Book Club material!

@Bob_Richards: Odyssey Moon Chief Scientist Paul Spudis will soon have 2 instruments searching for ice on the Moon

@brianshiro: FMARS Hab tour - my third YouTube video

@NASA Shuttle Endeavour's crew is reviewing their mission. Tomorrow's weather forecast is 60 percent go for a 6:03pm ET launch.

@SpaceTweeps: New STS blog post Why cant we allow our heroes be heroes? #spacetweeps

@marckboucher I watched the movie Knowing last night not knowing what it was about. If you've seen it you know why @SpaceWeather is so important

@NAASE09 "Chemistry & Physics in a Dusty Disk" a discussion of planetary formation & astrobiology by @davidott_1986 #NAAS..

@KSC_MOCOP 0845 Mission Management Meeting to discuss ET tanking, weather, and the plan if weather today ends up not cooperating.

@worden At Ny Alesund research station in Svalbard. What a spectacular setting. Hopefully first science flight on CASIE wednesday.

@PavilionLake New blog post: Thank you, Pavilion Lake Community!

@brianshiro Good morning from analog Mars!

@MarkKirkman #shuttle fueling officially started at 9:33 am EDT this morning for a 6:51 launch of #endeavour tonight to the space station.

@AlanStern is organizing a very special class of new astronauts, but not the ones NASA selected this month.

@Astro_127 Just woke up. While we all hope that today's the day, we have a saying that you never know for sure until the solid rockets light off.

@therealBuzz To NYC from MSP 4 "Magnificent Desolation" book sign w/LouisVuitton + Bell Ring @ SEC / Jim Lovell BUZZ

@worden Just landed in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Spectacular actic views. On to Ny Alesund soon

@InsideKSC The ground launch sequencer initialization has been completed. Launch remains set for 7:13 p.m. EDT this evening from Pad 39-A at KSC.

@Astro_Jose Mis companeros de generacion Chris Cassidy y Tom Marsburn estan bordando Endeavour.Se ven bien an NASA TV!

@brianshiro Brian just returned from his first EVA!: just returned from his first EVA!

@SpaceFrontier Attending NewSpace 2009 Confernece @ NASA Ames, CA July 18-20? Bring extra $ for a NewSpace Silent Auction & Raffle! ->

@milesobrien Crew members are undergoing final suit checks and climbing aboard the shutle. Watch our webcast!

@PavilionLake New blog post: Sometimes you get some answers, sometimes you're left with more questions

NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez Starts Agency's First Bilingual Twitter

"NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez, set to fly aboard space shuttle Discovery in August, is providing insights about his training on Twitter in both English and Spanish. It will be the agency's first bilingual Twitter."

Keith's 6 July note: Its one thing to talk about use of Twitter and other social media. Its quite another to embrace and adopt these tools as part of doing business. I just got a copy of this 2 July press release from JSC today - 7 July (it was sent by their listserv yesterday and took a day to get to me). Curiously, the release is about using Twitter - yet JSC still has not mentioned it on their own Twitter yet the news media has already responded to this news on 2 July (AP) via the press release issued by NASA HQ last week. In contrast to JSC's Twitter, NASA's main Twitter got the news out about @Astro_Jose within minutes of the press release going out.

JSC's Social Media Working Group has a Twitter feed @JSC_SMWG . Alas, they only let a small few inside NASA follow it. I sent a request to follow @JSC_SMWG several days ago - no response - or access - yet.

Keith's 7 July note: Well, JSC has yet to update its Twitter feed regarding @Astro_Jose. Why use an instantaneous mode of updating people in an instantaneous fashion, eh? And my request to follow @JSC_SMWG has been ignored by JSC so I filed a FOIA request asking for all of its contents (Tweets).



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