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Planet 51 PSA Campaign Brings NASA's Message of Exploration Down to Earth

"In a public service announcement about diversity, Johnson underscores the importance of a global work force: "On this planet promoting diversity is very important. At NASA, astronauts from all nationalities and backgrounds work together aboard the International Space Station to help improve our lives here on Earth. I'm here to tell you that every barrier is meant to be broken, whether it's the sound barrier, the furthest layer of the Earth's atmosphere, the outer limits of our solar system, or the challenges we face here at home."

Keith's note: There was a lot of talk (with no mention whatsoever of NASA or space exploration) at TEDxNASA held by NASA LaRC in Newport News, VA on Friday about dealing with poverty, racism, inclusivenes, inspiration, etc. On the same day that this event was being held, NASA HQ PAO released a PSA featuring Dwayne "Rock" Johnson, who stars in the new film "Planet 51". A DVD of this film was flown and photographed in space.

NOMAD Outreach: Impacts of E-mail Services and Forwarding Policy - NITR 2800-2

"What Is Happening: Last year to improve information security, NASA put in place a stringent review process to limit automatic e-mail forwarding to only accounts ending in .gov and .mil. NASA Information Technology Requirement (NITR) 2800-2 establishes policy and requirements regarding e-mail services and e-mail forwarding for unclassified information systems. The requirements of the NITR apply to all e-mail services connecting to NASA Information Technology systems or NASA networks."

Vote For NASA Edge

Keith's note: NASA Edge has been nominated in the 'Best Video Podcast' category for the Podcast Awards ( They're up against some stiff competition and it appears that they are the only NASA vodcast/podcast nominated. Voting begins today and ends November 30. You're allowed one vote per day.

NOMAD Outreach: How to Change Default Address Book in Outlook - User Action Required

"An activity with no user impact was performed on Friday night to move the Outlook offline address book to another server. An unexpected change which set the default address book to Public Folders occurred for some Outlook users. Use the following steps to set the default address book to the Global Address List:"

Keith's note: This is hilarious: "An activity with no user impact was performed on Friday night" and now NOMAD is telling all users that there is "User Action Required" because of the "no user impact" activity. How can NOMAD equate "User Action Required" with "no user impact"?

Keith's note: This page just appeared at about new NASA PAO AA Morrie Goodman. Oddly, no press release was issued about his arrival at NASA or of Alan Ladwig's move to be one of his two deputies.

Keith's earlier note: MorrieStory, the Twitter account for NASA's new AA for PAO, Morrie Goodman, does not follow a single NASA Twitter!! Tsk Tsk. Maybe he needs a few followers to urge him on ... You can friend him on Facebook too.



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