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NOMAD Outreach: UPDATE #2: AT&T Mobile Device Issue Under Investigation - Thursday, May 20, 2010

"What Is Happening: The AT&T mobile device issue appears to be more widespread than initially thought. In addition to AT&T iPhones in the Ames Research Center (ARC) and Dryden Flight Research Center (DRFC) areas, users at Goddard Flight Research Center (GSFC), Johnson Space Center (JSC) and in the Denver area are also reporting impacts. The AT&T mobile device issue at JSC is not limited to iPhones. Users from other Centers may also be affected."

Major NASA Spacebook Upgrades Now Live

"What is Happening: NASA Spacebook ( has a new look and simplified navigation to make collaboration easier. These latest changes just went live. For those that responded to our email on April 26, thank you. This notice is to inform you of a major upgrade that includes enhancements based on user feedback. We want to hear what you think about these latest enhancements! Please take a moment to fill out this short survey so we can continue to enhance the site to meet your needs:"

Open source is NASA's next frontier, FCW

"The challenges to government's adoption and participation in open-source communities is often thought to be a simpe culture clash, but in reality it goes deeper than that, accordning to NASA's newly-appointed chief technology officer. "The issues that we need to tackle are not only cuture, but beyond culture," said Chris Kemp, formerly chief information officer at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. "And I think we need new policy and support from the administration and Congress to help us tackle" them."

NASA Names Chief Technology Officer for IT

"NASA Chief Information Officer Linda Cureton announced Chris C. Kemp as the first NASA Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, for Information Technology, a new position established to lead IT innovation at the space agency."

NASA CIO Blog - The Bossy CIO, Linda Cureton

"Everyone is asking me about the latest reorganization in NASA. In particular, the Center CIOs now report to me. They ask, so it must be great that all the Center CIOs all belong to you. The reality is that there's not much truth to that. The reality is that I now belong to all of THEM."

Keith's note: How cute. Instead of all of the personal philosophy, folksy stories, and other extraneous stuff posted on this blog by NASA's CIO, perhaps she can start posting detailed progress reports, future plans, budgets, white papers etc. that will inform the NASA workforce and taxpayers what she plans to do to make the agency's IT technology what it needs to be. And where is NASA's social media policy? You'd think with all of the blog posting and Twittering by the CIO that she'd see some urgency in establishing guidelines such that the remainder of NASA's civil servant and contractor workforce knows what they can and cannot do - and how to do it.



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