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NASA JSC Solicitation: Open Innovation Support Services for Internal Collaboration Support Platform and Intermediary

"NASA/JSC has a requirement for Open Innovation Support Services for internal collaboration support platform and intermediary to provide the capability for NASA employees to collaborate within and across the NASA organizations promoting internal collaboration and the identification of solutions to internal challenges by internal personnel and expertise. NASA/JSC intends to purchase the items from InnoCentive, Inc. InnoCentive, Inc. has the required infrastructure and personnel required to support the internal based platform and has an experience base that included an internet based ".com" and an internal based platform. Use of any other system would require duplication of work and loss of existing infrastructure that has already been designed for NASA, tested, validated and approved. The loss of infrastructure cannot be recovered through competition without substantial duplication of time, costs and risk to timely and successful implementation."

What Is Open Innovation at JSC?, Previous Post

NASA Innovation Pavilion, Innocentive

Keith's note: Hmm ... a sole cource contract for "open innovation support". Shouldn't there be multiple paths to "open innovation"? Is this a JSC-only product? The solicitation says "NASA/JSC has a requirement ..." yet the "NASA Innovation Pavilion" mentions JSC, GRC, and LaRC (not not other field centers). Additional solicitations also point to NASA/JSC requirements - not the agency as a whole. Confusing.

- NASA JSC Solicitation: Open Innovation Support Services for a Consortium Network Builder Platform Provider
- NASA JSC Solicitation: Open Innovation Support Services for an External Crowd Sourcing Platform

Keith's note: Someone in charge of the automatic email distribution list for NASA NSPIRES needs to fix the settings such that everyone cannot send email to everyone else complaining about the email that everyone is sending to everyone else.

Update from NSPIRES: "This morning, we encountered an issue where an individual replied back to an email notice about a 2011 EPSCoR Research Announcement. Unfortunately, all individuals on the mail list were able to see this person's reply. Please be advised that the technical issue that allowed this email response to occur has been addressed and no further 'mass replies' should occur. This situation has caused confusion and concern among many of the recipients of this email, and for that, the NSPIRES group extends its apologies to all."



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