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All I want for Christmas (for NASA), NASA LaRC CTO Rich Antcliff

"My grown up Christmas list for NASA:

- A budget (seriously another three months on last year's budget). It is disappointing that the congress cannot fulfill its duties in a timely fashion.

- An inspiring vision. I just can't get excited about visiting a NEO. Up until a couple of months ago, I had never heard of one. I know what the moon is and I know what Mars is but a NEO? Seriously?

- A serious challenge. Am I back talking about a NEO again, I'll try to move on.

- Some hard decisions. As long as we continue to make everyone feel good about what NASA is doing for them, we will never do anything bold again. We need some bold leadership in the agency, in the executive office and in the congress. Is this too much to ask?

- Engagement with the international community. NASA arrogance is keeping us from partnering with foreign entities in all but political arrangements. We always have to be king and others (China, etc...) are asking who do you think you are?

- ULA and Charlie Brown's football. They hung it out in front of us just to make us salivate and than quickly took it back when the political pressure warmed up - gutless reaction. This is micromanagement at its worst."

... Plus some cogent comments on NASA IT.



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