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Testimony by Paul Martin NASA Inspector General

"Following the October 31 theft, the NASA Administrator accelerated the timetable to encrypt the hard drives of the Agency's laptop computers. As of February 15, NASA reported that it had encrypted 99.4 percent of Agency laptops identified as requiring encryption, had exempted 1,636 laptops from the requirement, and was determining whether another 2,947 laptops required encryption or also would be exempted."

DATA AT REST (DAR) Deployment @ HQ

"As mandated by Federal law and Agency policy, all NASA-issued laptops, as well as desktops with sensitive data, must have Data-At-Rest (DAR) whole-disk encryption software. The NASA OCIO directed that all Centers complete this activity by December 21, 2012."

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NASA open source project back on track, FCW

"NASA's shift to open-source content management is back on after the incumbent contractor withdrew a bid protest on Feb. 4. The withdrawal of the protest, filed by e-Touch Federal Systems on Dec. 28 after NASA awarded Rockville-Md.-based InfoZen a $40 million blanket purchase agreement, allows InfoZen to begin replacing NASA's existing content management system with open source architecture to run its 140 websites and 1,600 web assets and applications."

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