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Keith's 25 October update: Erika Vick and NASA PAO have declined to respond to a series of questions regarding this Twitter account. Perhaps that explains why @ExperienceNASA has been taken offline.

Keith's note: Apparently the operation of the @ExperienceNASA Twitter account is part of Erika Vick's official duties at NASA. It is not clear what NASA program(s) this activity supports or what the guidelines are for what is proper content for this Twitter feed. Despite repeated requests no one at NASA HQ including NASA PAO and Erika Vick at the NASA Advisory Council can give me a straight answer. @ExperienceNASA was silent during the shutdown - as were all other official NASA Twitter accounts. Its description says "Welcome to your one-stop shop for opportunities to participate in/contribute to NASA goals/missions! Need help? Ask me! Washington, DC ยท"

Another Official NASA Twitter Account That Isn't, earlier post

Keith's note: All websites hosted at addresses websites present this placeholder when you try and visit them since all websites hosted at *** are supposed to be offline. But is online. It would seem that JPL folks are making an illegal/unauthorized expenditure of tax funds to keep their overtly official website online. JPL is just another NASA contractor and bills NASA for everything eventually w/overhead - just like all of the other contractors. Why does JPL run things when other contractors are shut down? Guess they did not get the memo - or they just ignored it. I'd ask JPL PAO but they 1. always ignore me and 2. are not at work today.

Oddly, while goes dark, JPL keeps all of its websites online and fully functional but then tweets this - the same thing NASA itself sent out:

Yet while JPL keeps its official website functional it uses its social media accounts to say that they will not be keeping these official accounts active. So which is it? Is JPL "NASA" or is it not? Is JPL staying online or going dark? Are webmasters "essential" personnel while tweeters are not? Why is it that JPL can easily leave its websites online albeit not updated with all content available -- but cannot? Does JPL know something about websites that NASA HQ does not?

These websites:,,,, and are still online. Let's see if darkness falls over them as well. Please let us know if you find any survivors that are still online. So much for a consistent NASA IT policy.

JPL-related Twitter feeds, website to cease with shutdown, Pasadena Star News

"In line with NASA headquarters shutting down on Monday, JPL has put a hiatus to news releases, website and social media updates. "Information going out through the Twitter feeds and website, we coordinate with the program manager at NASA," said JPL spokeswoman Veronica McGregor. "Without that coordination, we're not releasing mission information during the shutdown." However, since JPL is privately run by Caltech and under contract to NASA, it is spared from being shut down with the rest of the space exploration organization. But the JPL Twitter feeds that are manned by NASA headquarters are already silent."

Keith's note: Ms. McGregor (who refuses to interact with NASA Watch - on any topic) fails to explain why the NASA JPL website (with NASA's logo on it and other official NASA Information) continues to stay online while all other official NASA websites are taken offline. If she wished to actually comply with what the agency is doing then her websites would go dark. They have not. Also, unless I am mistaken, a number of JPL Twitter accounts that have been shut off are actually maintained by JPL employees.



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