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NASA using carrot, not stick in push for shared services, Federal News Services

"NASA isn't forcing its centers to move to IT shared services. Instead, Larry Sweet, NASA's chief information officer, is trying to make it so attractive that the 18 centers and facilities can't resist the offer. "I've initiated a program called enterprise first. That's where we focus first and foremost on our enterprise services, so I want NASA users to first consider the I3P program and consider the services that we offer there. Then we have a shared services center," Sweet said. "I'm a believer in using shared services for a lot of reasons. One is they can offer a more affordable service to NASA, generally speaking. I want to try to get us up to that 80 percent to 90 percent use of commodity-based IT that is offered through these enterprise services and shared service center."

Keith's note: This may be the pragmatic thing to do given the dysfunctional way NASA runs itself - but its also a pretty pathetic admission i.e. that NASA Headquarters cannot direct its field centers to do basic managerial and operational tasks and that they have to trick them into complying instead.

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