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Even NASA Got Infected With 'CryptoLocker' Ransomware, Motherboard

"Between September 2013 and June 2014, a virus known as CryptoLocker infected around 500,000 computers around the world. Designed to lock data on a victim's computer and hold it for ransom, it ended up extorting an estimated $3 million from victims who agreed to pay rather than lose their files. Among those victims of Cryptolocker were two NASA computers, according to an internal document obtained by Motherboard. The ransomware virus infected a computer at the NASA Ames Research Center in California on October 23, 2013, "resulting in the loss of access to NASA data," according to the document. It also hit another computer at the visitor center of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida two days later. The document was prepared by the NASA Office of Inspector General, and is scant on details."



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