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What should we call the men and women of Space Force?, Rick Tumlinson, Space News

"I believe the best name for Space Force members is Spacer. It combines simplicity and gender neutrality with the ability to apply it specifically to the enlisted ranks. Now hold your giggle. It works. Like Sailor, Soldier or Marine, Spacer encompasses anyone in the service regardless of rank or gender. This is important for morale, creating a unified bottom-up identification for all ranks and levels of command. Thus, while everyone in the Space Force would be a Spacer, it is also a specific prefix for enlisted members (Spacer Second Class, First Class,etc..)."

Keith's note: "Spacer". Make sense to me.

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Keith's note: If you look at this graphic it would seem to be something that you'd post on an internal website - not on an external, public social media account. or are they actually suggesting that they are going to try and modulate what citizens tweet to - and about - Space Force? I'm not sure that the Space Force social media folks totally understand that they are not in command of cyber "space".

Whoever runs the Space Force social media squad needs a lesson in social media. They are totally tone deaf. A look at the responses to this tweet demonstrates that. You really can't tell people in an open social media forum what they can and cannot say. That tactic simply breeds the very thing you do not want to see. Just sayin'.



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