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From: Rotter, Hank A
Sent: Friday, March 21, 1997 9:55 AM
To: Sandars, George W.; Miller, C. Rick
Cc: Winkler, Eugene; Hoy, Mike; Brasseaux, Hubert J Jr.
Subject: FW: Mir Status Concern

ECLSS assessment of Mir hardware systems.

The Mir ECLSS systems are primary located in the Base (Core) Module and the Kvant Module. Active Thermal Control Core has two thermal control loops 1 is operating currently at reduced internal pressure. Radiator loop for heat rejection has lost auto control - manual control is being use and is acceptable for long periods (hours-weeks) at same attitude 2 is non operating has tubing leaks near pump package - plan to replace leaking tubing, when repair is plan-unknown. Radiator auto control still working with manual backup Kvant has one thermal control loop. Radiator flow lost. Loop has been connect to operating Core loop. Can be connect to either Core loop. Overall performance is slightly reduced.

Concern - leaks and flow problems indicates long-term corrosion problems that may quickly attack new replacements?? System health is marginal with long term problems. Performance marginal which drives desirable attitudes during periods of high Beta sun angles. Any additional failures could cause Mir to be abandon if fix cannot be implemented within a few days/hours.



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