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Findings from the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Final, 19 December 2019

"At the 6th meeting of the National Space Council, the following recommendation was adopted: "Within 60 days, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Administrator will designate an office and submit a plan to the Chairman of the National Space Council for sustainable lunar surface exploration and development, including necessary technologies and capabilities, to enable initial human missions to Mars."

- Where Is NASA's Plan For Sustainable Moon/Mars Exploration? (Update), earlier post

"I asked Jim Bridenstine today if this report has been delivered. He replied that it has not."

President Bush Offers New Vision For NASA, 14 January 2004

"Our third goal," Bush said, "is to return to the moon by 2020, as the launching point for missions beyond." He proposed sending robotic probes to the lunar surface by 2008, with a human mission as early as 2015, "with the goal of living and working there for increasingly extended periods of time." Bush said lunar exploration could lead to new technologies or the harvesting of raw materials that might be turned into rocket fuel or breathable air."

Keith's note: 16 years ago this month NASA was directed by a President to have Americans back on the Moon by 2015. It is now 2020 - and we're not there yet. NASA has now been tasked by another President to move up plans for a 2028 human landing to 2024. After 16 years we are still going to be 9 (13) years late. Are we actually making progress? At this rate ...

- GAO: NASA Will Have Problems Explaining Its Moon Plans, earlier post
- NASA Really Really Needs An Artemis Plan - Soon, earlier post

Keith's note: Next week a SpaceX Falcon Heavy with be launched. On board will be the Celestis Heritage payload. Inside will be some ashes of my long time friend and collaborator Frank Sietzen. It would seem that Frank is about to become the first American journalist in space. Frank was also the first SpaceX employee in Washington DC.

Ad Astra Frank.

Frank Clark Sietzen, Jr., Celestis

Keith's note: A cautionary note with regard to possible NASA Administrator names being circulated, self-promoted, and otherwise tossed around - from the Book "New Moon Rising" that the late Frank Sietzen and I wrote back in 2004:

"As the new Administration continued to fill in open positions, the job of NASA Administrator seemed to get scant attention. One name had circulated with some frequency in late 2001: former New Mexico Senator and Astronaut Harrison "Jack" Schmitt. It wasn't so much that Schmitt was seen as an obvious answer as much as it was the fact that his name had been tossed into the round robin that the media tends to stir up at times such as this.

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Spots Rare Triple Eclipse on Jupiter

"Five spots - one colored white, one blue, and three black - are scattered across the upper half of the planet. Closer inspection by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope reveals that these spots are actually a rare alignment of three of Jupiter's largest moons - Io, Ganymede, and Callisto - across the planet's face. In this image, the telltale signatures of this alignment are the shadows [the three black circles] cast by the moons."

5 October 2004: Book Review: New Moon Rising, Universe Today

"As the authors say in New Moon Rising , NASA needed and obtained a new space vision to direct its efforts. The authors provide a detailed and broad overview of the very large supporting cast that contributed to the vision that was initiated with President Bush's speech early in the year 2004. Now, in the authors viewpoint, NASA and its new administrator, Sean O'Keefe, have what they need to ensure this vision becomes reality."

What Bush Did - and Did not say

17 September 2004: The real cost of space - More exploration requires consensus and commitment, OpEd, Huntsville Times

"Now another president, George W. Bush, says it's time to unleash America's technological know-how for further exploration. But note that the popular idea that Bush has buckled America up for a trip to Mars isn't quite what he said.

As noted in "New Moon Rising" by Frank Sietzen Jr. and Keith L. Cowing (Apogee Books), which will be reviewed in Sunday's Times, Bush's message focused on a return to the heavens, not a specific mission, not even about going to Mars at all.

People in Huntsville may have a sharper focus about the need to move forward than elsewhere."

New Moon Rising

30 August 2004: A New NASA Rising (Book review), Space Daily

"Sietzen and Cowing illustrate the newly geared mindset of NASA by comparing the jargon advocated by people like Craig Steidle- its new Associate Administrator- against the language once used under Dan Goldin's stewardship. Now its concepts like 'form follows function', 'spiral development' and 'affordable, sustainable, and credible' are replacing the old mantras of 'better, faster, cheaper'."

New Moon Rising Excerpts

15 July 2004: Exclusive: Book details Bush moon decision, UPI

"Part 3 deals with how the White House set the content of and the date for the president's announcement."

14 July 2004: Exclusive: Book details space plan's birth, UPI

"Part 2 deals with how the space plan developed at the grassroots level within the administration in 2003."

13 July 2004: Exclusive: Book details NASA's ordeal, UPI

"In their new book, "New Moon Rising: The making of America's new space vision and the remaking of NASA," authors Frank Sietzen Jr. and Keith L. Cowing detail how the National Aeronautics and Space Administration attempted to recover from the shuttle Columbia tragedy and prepare to fulfill President George W. Bush's new vision for the U.S. space program. Part 1 deals with NASA's deliberations on how to respond to the report by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board in August 2003."

14 July 2004: Book charts development of new space vision, Florida Today

"The fight ended with President Bush handing the agency a long-desired new
mission to dispatch humans to explore the solar system -- not stopping at
the moon, but venturing beyond.

However, that outcome was anything but certain during the highly secret,
months-long battle during which the White House, NASA, the Pentagon and
others in the federal government weighed in on where the U.S. should go in
space and how much money to devote to that.

That's the story laid out in a new book by two aerospace reporters who got a
rare behind-the-scenes look at how high-profile policy gets made in the
White House. The book is scheduled for release this week. "New Moon Rising" promises to take readers inside the halls of NASA headquarters, and to some degree the White House, to watch the vision being

8 July 2004: New Book "New Moon Rising" Reveals How Secret Inner White House Circle Created the Bush Administration's New Space Vision for U.S., Space Frontier Foundation

"A soon to be released book, "New Moon Rising", being launched at the Return To The Moon Conference in Las Vegas (July 16th-18th) will reveal some of the most detailed inner workings of the White House ever revealed since this Administration came into office."



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