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30 August 2004: A New NASA Rising (Book review), Space Daily

"Sietzen and Cowing illustrate the newly geared mindset of NASA by comparing the jargon advocated by people like Craig Steidle- its new Associate Administrator- against the language once used under Dan Goldin's stewardship. Now its concepts like 'form follows function', 'spiral development' and 'affordable, sustainable, and credible' are replacing the old mantras of 'better, faster, cheaper'."

New Moon Rising Excerpts

15 July 2004: Exclusive: Book details Bush moon decision, UPI

"Part 3 deals with how the White House set the content of and the date for the president's announcement."

14 July 2004: Exclusive: Book details space plan's birth, UPI

"Part 2 deals with how the space plan developed at the grassroots level within the administration in 2003."

13 July 2004: Exclusive: Book details NASA's ordeal, UPI

"In their new book, "New Moon Rising: The making of America's new space vision and the remaking of NASA," authors Frank Sietzen Jr. and Keith L. Cowing detail how the National Aeronautics and Space Administration attempted to recover from the shuttle Columbia tragedy and prepare to fulfill President George W. Bush's new vision for the U.S. space program. Part 1 deals with NASA's deliberations on how to respond to the report by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board in August 2003."



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