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Synopsis: Dan Goldin made some rather interesting comments today during his closing session commentary on the recommendations made by the NASA Advisory Committee (NAC). His comments were prompted by the recommendations made by the NAC regarding an earlier presentation on what NASA thinks "Better - Cheaper - Faster" means. The NAC had expressed some concern over just what this phrase meant at NASA - and how all three components could be achieved - and measured.

Goldin stated that when he says Better -Faster-cheaper "I mean better, I mean faster, and I mean cheaper." He immediately moved on to complain that instead of heeding his guidance, many aerospace companies and NASA managers have manipulated his words to mean whatever them to mean. He sated that he was 'furious with the JPL Director" for stating that as far as Mars Pathfinder was concerned adopting a better-cheaper -faster approach had meant a decision to go with a single string design approach - and that "Goldin had said so".



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