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NASA ISS Flight Program Physical Sciences Research (PSR) 21 Jul 2004 (under review) is available.

"Despite these concessions, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) called the cuts "unacceptable" and suggested that he would stop the bill from being passed if it remains in its current state. "Yes, we are at war, just as we were when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. And yes, the budget is constricted," said DeLay in a statement. "But for four decades, America's mission in space has been one of the surest economic investments the federal government has made."

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"Several Russian Progress spacecraft were allowed to reenter Earth's atmosphere in 2003 carrying unused oxygen supplies. In one case, half of the oxygen being delivered to the ISS was dumped into the Pacific Ocean when these Progress spacecraft later reentered the Earth's atmosphere. Within months the ISS would face the prospect of a shortfall in oxygen supplies - and contingency scenarios, which included leaving the ISS, unmanned as an option."

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"NASA's Office of the Chief Information Officer, and the Office for Public Affairs, have been directed by the Administrator to bring all public Web content and sites into the portal infrastructure and operate them through the portal's editorial process.

All NASA officials who publish, maintain, or fund such Web content are to work with the portal management team to migrate their content into the portal. NASA offices planning to develop new public content should plan to do so within the portal infrastructure."

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