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"I wanted to alert you to an upcoming National Public Radio program that will feature a discussion of the newest Academy study. The Academy study, "United States Space Policy: Challenges and Opportunities," continues to draw media attention. Tomorrow, Friday, July 1st, one of the paper's co-authors, George Abbey, will discuss the Academy study on the nationally broadcast NPR program, "Talk of the Nation: Science Friday."

Griffin Excerpts

Opening Statement by Michael Griffin at a House Science Committee Hearing on The Future of NASA

"The men and women of NASA appreciate the risks our nation is willing to make for the noble purpose of exploration and science. Meriwether Lewis observed in his journal two hundred years ago on July 4th, 1805: "We all believe that we are now about to enter on the most perilous and difficult part of our voyage, yet I see no one repining; all appear ready to meet those difficulties which wait us with resolution and becoming fortitude."

House Science Committee Hearing "The Future of NASA"(Complete transcript)

"GRIFFIN: You asked, what we will be doing different. First of all, I hope never again to let the words spiral development cross my lips. (LAUGHTER) That is an approach to acquisition for large systems very relevant to DOD acquisition requirements, but I have not seen the relevance to NASA and I have preferred a much more direct approach, and that is what we will be recommending and implementing."

Joseph Bordogna Resigns from the National Science Foundation

"Dr. Kathie L. Olsen, associate director for science for the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President, has been nominated to become NSF deputy director, pending confirmation."

Editor's note: Olsen was NASA Chief Scientist from May 1999 to April 2002 and was Acting Associate Administrator for NASA Office of Life and Microgravity Sciences and Applications (OLMSA) between July 2000 and March 2002.

White House Personnel Announcement: Ronald M. Sega

"The President intends to nominate Ronald M. Sega, of Colorado, to be Under Secretary of the Air Force. Dr. Sega currently serves as Director of Defense Research and Engineering at the Department of Defense."

Editor's note: Sega left the astronaut corps in 1996. He flew on STS-60 in 1994 and STS-76 in 1996.

Editor's note: As you may recall, last week, Mike Griffin made a presentation, and answered questions, at a Space Transportation Association breakfast during which he said "I don't do feelings. Just think of me as Spock" [audio clip]. As many of you know, Griffin likes to sit in on technical meetings - lots of them. Indeed, as part of his management overhaul at NASA, he has transformed the 9th floor Administrator's suite into a functional facsimile of a starship bridge.

All of those blinking lights and buttons actually work, folks. Mike doesn't do props.

Oh yes, all the SESers who recently got eviction letters will be required to wear red shirts until they leave. Those of you Trekkies who are old enough will understand.

The larger image below provides additional detail.

No More Outsourcing

NASA Chief Sees Space As Inside Job, Washington Post

"By upgrading NASA's in-house technical competence, Griffin expects to keep project planning and other key strategic and policy functions inside the agency instead of farming them out to civilian contractors. He is bucking a core Republican principle by strengthening government instead of outsourcing it."

NASA Administrator Appoints Joe Davis Strategic Communications Chief

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin has appointed Joe Davis as Chief of Strategic Communications, responsible for the overall communications and outreach strategy for the agency. David will oversee NASA's offices of Public, Legislative and External Affairs, as well as the Office of Education."

NASA Internal Memo: Enterprise Council (EC) ViTS 19 April 2005

"Dr. Griffin introduced the following employees and identified their roles at NASA: Joe Davis is the new AA for Strategic Communications."

Editor's note: It sure took long enough to admit the obvious! Indeed, this is all downright bizzare. What this press release omits to mention is the fact that Joe Davis has been in his position for more than two months - as noted on NASA Watch on 22 April 2005! Indeed, sentences such as " David will oversee..." ought to be corrected to say "David has been overseeing ..."

David R. Mould Named Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs

Editor's note:At least they only waited a week to announce this appointment!

NASA Presolicitation Notice: Independent Review Team Chair

20 June 2005 Solicitation: "NASA/HQ has a requirement for an independent review team chairperson. The chairperson will support the NASA Independent Program Assessment Office (IPAO) in the review of the Prometheus Nuclear Systems and Technology Program (PNSTP)." ... "NASA/HQ intends to award a purchase order to Mr. Theron Bradley Jr."

23 June 2005 Modification: "You are notified that the following changes are made: THE REQUIREMENT IS BEING CANCELLED DUE TO RECENT PROGRAMMATIC CHANGES."

Editor's note: How odd. NASA HQ issues a procurement notice to hire back its former Chief Engineer as a consultant on Monday and then yanks the procurement on Thursday. Meanwhile, in between those two dates, Scott Pace's new office (whose IPAO would have utilized Bradley's services) was announced as was the appointment of Rex Geveden, the new Acting Associate Administrator, who will be "responsible for day-to-day operations and management of the Agency". It would seem like one hand does not know what the other is doing.

Indeed, during a media telecon with Pace on Monday I asked him about this procurement. He was confused by my question as if he were unfamiliar with it, so I repeated my question and read part of the original procurement notice to him. He seemed to not know of Bradley's proposed hiring by his own organization saying "If the IPAO guys thought he'd be helpful to have his input they occassionally hire outside consultants."

Received from Jim Oberg: "I sadly pass on what I've just received..."

"Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 8:44 AM
Subject: FW: News on Pete & Bobbie Frank

Note from Ed Fendell (Apollo INCO) relayed by Ken Young

I just returned from Memorial Herman Hospital. Pete and Bobbie Frank were in a very bad car accident and were taken by Life Flight to Memorial Herman. They were unable to save Pete, and Bobbie is in Neurological ICU in critical condition. I will keep you all advised of future news."

Report Says Space Program Is Lacking Money and Focus, NY Times

"A House staff member on the Republican side said it was unclear whether the critique would have much impact in Washington. The staff member, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of House rules, said that the academy did not have a high profile in the Capitol and that Dr. Lane and Mr. Abbey, while respected, "have some baggage" as former officials in a Democratic administration."

Report Warns of Challenges to U.S. Leadership in Space

"The U.S. must bolster the competitiveness of its commercial space industry, expand international cooperation, and refocus on basic science in order to hold on to its traditional leadership position in space, according to the authors of a new paper from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences."

United States Space Policy: Challenges and Opportunities (Report)

Solar Sailing This Week

Planetary Society update: "At 10:30 AM PT on June 22, 2005, The Planetary Society will hold a press briefing on the current known status of the Cosmos 1 solar sail mission. The briefing will be held at our headquarters at 65 N. Catalina Avenue, Pasadena, CA."

Russian Space Agency: Solar Launch Failed, AP

"The world's first solar sail spacecraft crashed back to Earth when its booster rocket failed less than two minutes after Tuesday's takeoff, Russian space officials said Wednesday."

Inside the Beltway, Washington Times

"NASA two years ago tabbed Ms. Anderson to be its first-ever "artist in residence," a position that carried a $20,000 stipend to create and perform a theatrical piece about NASA. ... Last week, continuing his personal battle to rid the federal government of wasteful spending, Rep. Chris Chocola, Indiana Republican, successfully amended the Science, State, Justice and Commerce annual appropriations bill "to prohibit federal funds from being used to employ an 'artist in residence' at NASA."

Congressional Record Excerpt:

15 June 2005 Letter from the Exploration and Medical Sciences (ELMS) Coalition to NASA (PDF)

"We are aware NASA's current path to not cancel space biology programs, but merely to postpone them. Unfortunately, postponment equals cancellation."

Editor's update: John Dervyshire got some nasty email its seems. Nasty enough to move him to write:

"I had some exchanges with one fellow who took strong exception to my Space Shuttle piece. "It must really suck being you," he asserted. Now, this is pretty lame on a first occurrence; but in our subsequent exchanges he just couldn't think of any way to improve on it. "Like I said, it must really suck being you," he'd close. It dawned on me at last that the guy thinks this is the most crushing, most devastating put-down that has yet been devised from the English language. I weep for these people."

Thanks for another data point, John. Now I am certain that it really sucks to be you.

The Folly of Our Age: The Space Shuttle, National Review Online

"The rest of the president's address on that occasion was, to be blunt about it, insulting to the memories of the astronauts who died, and still more insulting to their grieving spouses, children, parents, and friends. If these astronauts believed that "they had a high and noble purpose in life," they were mistaken, and someone should have set them straight on the point."

Editor's note: I love it when know-it-all pundits - such as John Derbyshire (home page) - hide behind their desks only to pop up long enough to toss out tripe such as this. The biggest risk Derbyshire ever takes is making coffee in the morning. I seriously doubt that this man has ever actually spoken to a real rocket scientist (sorry, Alex Roland doesn't count), an astronaut or any of their families. Nor do I think he'd have the spine to actually say these same words to their faces. How cowardly - and shameful.

Editor's update:I have swapped several emails with Derbyshire. He is unrepentant and stands by his putrid comments about astronauts and their sacrifice. Suffice it to say I told him: "it must really suck to be you".

NASA Establishes Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin announced today the establishment of the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation (PA&E), headed by Dr. Scott Pace."

NASA Presolicitation Notice: Independent Review Team Chair

"NASA/HQ intends to award a purchase order to Mr. Theron Bradley Jr."

Editor's note: On Monday NASA will release information about the new organization being headed out of the 9th floor by Scott Pace. A teleconference with reporters will be held with Pace on Monday afternoon. It is interesting to note that this bio of Scott Pace - with the title Associate Administrator for Program Analysis and Evaluation quietly appeared on the NASA HQ webpage with the posting date of "06.14.05"

What Pace will be doing in this new position was revealed in an internal staff meeting summary issued only a few days after Mike Griffin arrived at NASA:

Editor's note David R. Mould, currently at DOE, will start work at NASA HQ next monday as AA for Public Affairs. Mould is currently listed in the DOE directory as being a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Energy. Mould joins fellow DOE alumni AA for Strategic Communications Joe Davis and Griffin Senior advisor Paul Morell. Mould, like Davis and Morell, was selected for this position by the White House - not Mike Griffin. On the positive side, Mould once served as the Southeast U.S. Bureau Chief for UPI and coordinated Challenger accident and shuttle return to flight coverage (late 1980's) and was known as a space enthusiast. Indeed, he may be the first space reporter to get the NASA PAO job.

Annotated Press Release: CAGW: Moon, Mars Missions Not a Priority for Taxpayers

Editor's note: This press release by CAGW is a classic example of grabbing numbers out of thin air - selectively - and then weaving them together to tell a story - one that is based on a particular point of view. Indeed, if you present enough numbers, and assert that they are true, some people will actually fall for the basic premise you present without questioning the veracity of your data. What really annoys me is groups like this who profess to be looking out for the taxpayer when in fact they are often advancing their own personal political agendas. Moreover, they do so with selective citation of facts.

Steidle Joins AIA

Steidle Named AIA Vice President of International Affairs

"The Aerospace Industries Association has named Rear Adm. Craig E. Steidle to the position of vice president of international affairs. He joins AIA from NASA where he was the associate administrator for the Office of Exploration Systems, a position created in January 2004 to implement the nation's Vision for Space Exploration."

Editor's note Have a look at the hotel page for the 2005 NASA Occupational Health Conference. This page goes overboard with regard to all the fun you can have at this hotel - including gambling: "The largest casino and entertainment venue at The Lake (two Casinos, two showrooms)". It is almost as if all the fun, gamblng, and entertainment was an important factor people should consider when deciding whether to go - instead of focusing on the topics to be discussed at this government workshop - which is the intent of this event in the first place - right?

NASA Successfully Demonstrates Innovative Nanosatellite System

"The Mini AERCam prototype is just 7.5 inches in diameter and weighs only 10 pounds. The tiny free flyer is designed to be operated by on-orbit flight crews or by ground control personnel. Either could command the nanosatellite to fly automatic maneuvers."

Reader note: "NASA today issued a news release on its "Innovative Nanosatellite System."I was surprised that it was referring to the "volleyball-sized" Miniature Autonomous Extravehicular Robotic Camera.NASA should know better. A volleyball-sized machine is far from "nano" in scale."

Definitions of Nano on the Web:"A prefix meaning one-billionth."

Another reader notes that there is the set of satellite classifications for satellites listed on David Darling's (fascinating) website including:"nanosatellite: 1-10 Kg"

A note from Noel Hinners: "Keith: "Re the discussion about "confusion" in the usage of the term (prefix) "nano", there ought to be absolutely no confusion., especially in our profession.I've been railing in meetings againstsuch prefix misuse for a couple of years now.

Join Us for the Launch of Cosmos 1 the World's First Solar Sail Spacecraft, Planetary Society

"On June 21, Cosmos 1 - the world's first solar sail spacecraft - is set to launch atop a converted ICBM from a submerged Russian submarine in the Barents Sea"

Editor's note: I am not certain why the Planetary Society makes the claim that they will be launching the "world's first solar sail spacecraft". According to this 2004 JAXA press release (with images), "Japan Deloys Solar Sail Film in Space,"ISAS succeeded in deploying a big thin film for solar sail in space for the first time in the world. ISAS launched a small rocket S-310-34 from Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima, Japan, at 15:15, August 9, 2004."

Comment from Lou Friedman, Planetary Society:

Editor's note: The following memo is making its way around the agency. I find it curious that NASA HQ management seems to be more concerned with how things look - rather than what things say.

Child Dies On Epcot Ride, Channel 10, Miami

"The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. on the Mission: SPACE ride, according to Disney officials. The ride spins passengers on a multi-armed centrifuge to simulate a launch into space. It exerts more than twice the normal force of gravity on occupants."

NASA Exploration Systems Associate Administrator Craig Steidle Officially Resigns

"Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Craig E. Steidle officially announced his resignation, effective June 24."

- Craig Steidle Is Leaving NASA
- Steidle Says Farewell

"I can only hope there is a special place in Dante's inferno for the self-centered leakers."

Full memo below.

NASA Internal Memo From Al Diaz: My Future

"Undoubtedly, many of you read an article in Saturday's Washington Post about upcoming leadership changes in NASA. For my part, I read it late on Saturday night on my return from two weeks of vacation. I was surprised to see the announcement of my pending departure and dismayed at the context surrounding that event."

NASA Internal Memo From Bill Readdy to the Human Space Flight Community

"The President's Vision for Space Exploration is truly a bold project, most worthy of our efforts. As the new plans and systems begin to take shape for its implementation, new leaders will be asked to step forward to begin this transition."

Optimism as NASA Chief Charts New Course, LA Times

"When Griffin, a physicist and engineer, took over, he placed many O'Keefe initiatives on hold, including plans to outsource much of NASA's research to industry. Griffin hasn't promised that there won't be layoffs ahead. But as recently as last week he reassured the staff by e-mail that he values the centers as the repositories of the agency's "core intellectual capability." Many staffers take this as a sign that he doesn't share O'Keefe's enthusiasm for outsourcing. That impression was presumably enhanced by news reports over the weekend that Griffin is planning a major housecleaning at NASA headquarters, aimed at reorienting the agency from a politically-minded bureaucracy to a scientific research establishment."

Editor's note: OK, Mike (you asked people to call you by your first name, so don't complain to your staff when I do so as well): Watching NASA's expertise evaporate is indeed troubling. As such, seeking to restore NASA's "core intellectual capability." is indeed a worthy goal and I certainly applaud your intent. Make a difference. Draw a line in the sand. Put your money where your mouth is. Alas, in so doing, please note that Sean O'Keefe was taking direction from the very same White House that you now serve.

Editor's note: I always find it interesting how NASA's inner political problems interest people around the world - yet raise little interest in publications devoted to covering the agency here in the U.S. Take the Washington Post story "NASA Chief to Oust 20 on Saturday". In addition to syndication in dozens of small newspapers around the U.S., it also spawned a number of stories around the world. For example:

- NASA chief plans to replace about 20 senior officials in shakeup-report, Kashar News (Pakistan)
- Michael Griffin starts taking hard decisions at NASA, TechWHack (India)
- NASA chief to oust 20: report, ABC Online (Australia)
- NASA chief to oust 20 officials in shakeup-report, Reuters UK
- NASA Chief Will Oust 20 Officials, P2P Reactor (Poland)

Meanwhile, has posted nothing at all on Adm. Steidle's departure or the pending involuntary reassignments at NASA this coming week. A curious inverse of the old inside the beltway mindset.

A "Message From Mike"

NASA Internal Memo: Message from Mike

"As I have visited most of NASA'sFieldCenters over the past few weeks, I thought that now would be a good opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you. During these visits, I learned to appreciate even more acutely the vital and unique role each NASACenter plays."... "While I attempted to answer the questions and concerns raised at each of theCenters, perhaps it would be best to address them here in a widely disseminated e-mail. Hopefully, this will be helpful to you and not considered to be more spam from NASAHeadquarters."

Purge Update

U.S. Congress Reorganizes Committees to Consider NASA Budget, Lori Garver, Planetary Society

"The current head of the Exploration Office has already resigned, Rear Admiral Craig Steidle, after being "re-assigned" to a new position. More than 50 additional NASA senior managers will be "re-assigned" in the coming weeks. Many of those will likely choose to resign, opening up key positions to a new team of NASA leaders."

NASA Chief to Oust 20 - Shake-Up Linked to Mars Initiative, Washington Post

"At the same time, the sources said, Griffin wants to restore NASA's glamour, reasserting the engineering and science leadership that has been eroding since the Apollo era. To this end, the sources said, he is willing to oust as many as 50 senior managers in a housecleaning rivaling the purge after the 1986 Challenger explosion."

Slashdot Discussion

NASA Administrator Griffin to Attend Paris Air Show

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin will attend France's Paris Air Show, which begins Monday in the suburb of Le Bourget. Griffin will participate in the opening of the U.S. Pavilion and other U.S. government-sponsored events during the first two days of the air show."

Editor's note: According to NASA sources, Mike Griffin will speak, and then receive an award from La Confrrie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, Burgundy, France on 11 June 2005. According to an internal NASA memo "the Confrrie des Chevaliers du Tastevin celebrates the food and wine of Burgundy, France, in a spirit of hospitality, generosity, and human warmth. They appreciate merit as well as talent and like to honor courage, personal endeavor, scientific intelligence, and fulfillment of human values." Reliable sources report that well known haute cuisine space bon vivant John Logsdon will accompany Griffin to the festivities. I'll try to post pictures from the event.

A NASA Watch reader (with some personal arctic experience) notes: "As an indicator of how essential the French consider wine to be with respect to exploration crew morale, the first winter-over crew at the new European base in the Antarctic has been supplied with about 1000 [sic] - now frozen [sigh] - bottles."

Check "The first winter-over at Concordia" "Then catastrophe strikes. We find the two crates of wine not in their expected position in the +4C container but in the back of a frozen one. An error of labeling they call it. We call it a pretty major **ck up. About one thousand bottles of good wine: Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Alsace, Provence... "

Steidle Says Farewell

NASA Internal Memo: Message to ESMD Employees from Craig Steidle

"Yesterday, I was offered a reassignment to another job within NASA at one of our Centers, which I declined. Declining the reassignment means that I will be leaving NASA at the end of the month."

NASA Chief to Oust 20, Washington Post

"The independent Web site reported last week that Steidle had resigned, and Steidle confirmed his departure in a June 8 letter to Exploration Systems employees posted on the directorate Web site."

NASA boss purges senior managers, Nature (subscription)

"The e-mail was leaked on the website, run by former NASA employee Keith Cowing, who says that more than 50 senior managers are also being offered reassignments or resignation."

In Start of Expected Shake-Up, an Official at NASA Resigns, NY Times

"In recent days, NASA headquarters has sent out dozens of letters to officials letting them know that they will be reassigned or will have to leave the agency, and has canceled a closely watched contract with a company that had been brought in to improve the agency's much-criticized safety culture." ... " The letters were first disclosed by, an independent Web site."

Why Beagle 2 Failed

Report: The United Kingdom's civil space activities

"The loss of Beagle 2, which was due to land on Mars in December 2003, was associated with poor risk management that left it with no real prospect of success. The project suffered from an over ambitious time schedule, punishing weight constraints, poor management and uncertain funding."

Editor's note: Mike Griffin is scheduled to speak at a Space Club event in Pentagon City midday tomorrow. What he - and many other local residents - do not know is that all hell is going to break loose midday as the Pentagon holds a surprise simulated chem/bio attack. Stay tuned.

Pentagon to Conduct 'Full-Scale' Emergency Drills, Washington Post

Editor's note: ESMD AA Craig Steidle has tendered his resignation effective 24 June.

Well done, Craig. You (and your staff) have done a great job.

Editor's note: More than 50 letters have either been sent out or are being sent out notifying individuals of pending reassignments Changes will occur across all of the agency's activities - except human space flight - those changes come later.

Editor's earlier note: Some senior managers at NASA HQ and elsewhere are expecting to receive official notices on/around 12/13 June. These notices are the ones that employees are entitled to get before they can be transferred involuntarily. These notices can be sent out 60 days after a new Agency head takes over. The actual job changes have to wait until 120 days have passed. Mike Griffin is expected to make a large number of senior management changes as soon as he is able to do so legally. Any substantial changes to human spaceflight management would only be made after both the STS-114 and STS-121 missions have been completed. Griffin's internal 60 day study on how to reorient NASA's exploration plans is due to be completed by the beginning of July. As such, it is exected that the first major management changes will be at ESMD - starting at NASA HQ.

E-Mails Detail Air Force Push for Boeing Deal, Washington Post

"After interviewing 88 people and reading hundreds of thousands of pages of e-mails, the inspector general's office concluded that four top Air Force officials and one of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's former top aides, Undersecretary of Defense Edward C. "Pete" Aldridge, violated Pentagon and government-wide procurement rules, failed to use "best business practices," ignored a legal requirement for weapons testing and failed to ensure that the tankers would meet the military's requirements."

Got Vision?

NASA looks at insourcing,

"[Griffin] also indicated a willingness to reverse his predecessor's emphasis on outsourcing. When asked about his strategy by Ames employees, who have been hit by recent buyout offers, Griffin said he wants to offer fewer opportunities for businesses to get a piece of NASA research. "There will be fewer of those opportunities rather than more, and they will largely be directed by NASA rather than merely be put up for grabs by industry," he said. "I don't have a percentage, but there is a change."

Editor's note: Interesting. To be certain, NASA's skill base has been eroding at an alarming (some would say dangerous) rate - and this effort by Griffin would result in staunching some of that erosion.

However, I don't recall hearing that the White House issued a reversal of the stance it took within the President's Management Agenda (PDF) issued in 2001 - as it relates to the outsourcing/competitive sourcing it directed Sean O'Keefe to implement. It is also interesting to hear Mike Griffin refer to things put up for sourcing to the private sector in a less than rosy light as being "put up for grabs by industry" - especially given that this White House is so unabashedly pro-business. Stay tuned.

Editor's note: On 27 May I posted a note regarding the fact that NASA HQ Heads Up is no longer available to the public after nearly a decade of being accessible online. After posting that note I sent an email to Joe Davis, NASA's Strategic Communications Director as why this action had been taken . No response. I sent a second request today to Davis and this time cc:ed Dean Acosta, Acting PAO AA. I got a prompt reply back from Dean a few hours later:

"Keith, I'm sorry. I thought this question was already answered for you. NASA is migrating to an intranet infrastructure and will be moving many internal communication documents -- which are designed for use by agency employees -- from public web sites to the internal web services. Keeping internal communications internal is not exclusive to NASA and creates other opportunities for more effective internal sharing of data. Most agencies and private industry do not open internal communications to the general public. I hope this answers your question."

Earlier post: NASA Web Paranoia

NASA chief: Marshall has 'brightest future', Huntsville Times

"The Saturn V was a wonderful vehicle, but it could only put something like (200,000 pounds) into low Earth orbit, and that only got two people on the surface of the moon for a few days," Griffin said."

Saturn V Facts, National Air & Space Museum

"Payload to orbit: 129,300 kg (285,000 lb); Payload to Moon: 48,500 kg (107,000 lb)"

NASA Has a Problem Calculating - and Admitting - What Space Missions Really Cost, SpaceRef

Editor's note: NASA issued a press release [Thursday] regarding the Mars Phoenix Lander mission. I had some serious issues with what was - and what was not included in the press release with regard to the actual cost of the mission.
So, instead of just shooting my mouth off, I sent a formal query to Dolores Beasley and Guy Webster, the NASA PAO officials listed as contacts, and waited for their reply before posting anything. I got a reply [Friday] afternoon from Dolores Beasley - to which I have added some comments.

Sean O'Keefe Elected to Battelle's Board of Directors

Sean O'Keefe Elected to DuPont Board of Directors

O'Keefe gets third board post, The Advocate

"LSU Chancellor Sean O'Keefe has secured his third spot on a corporate board of directors -- this time with a multibillion-dollar multinational that will provide great contacts for the school and $235,000 to its leader."

Rabalais: O'Keefe awaits football, The Advocate

"After 3 1/2 sometimes rocky years at NASA, where he presided during the Columbia shuttle disaster and controversial budget cuts, O'Keefe was asked which he was looking forward to most of all: seeing a space shuttle fly again or Saturday night in Tiger Stadium? O'Keefe smiled broadly and said, "Saturday night in Tiger Stadium. Smart guy. Obviously someone who knows the importance of LSU athletics. And that it's important he's in Tiger Stadium on Sept. 3."

UCLA Conference Brings Together World-Renowned Scientists to Address 'Astrobiology: Life Among the Stars'

"Daniel S. Goldin holds the distinction of being NASA's longest-serving administrator, an appointee of three U.S. presidents. He initiated NASA's Origin Program to study how our solar system formed, how life on Earth began and to explore whether life exists elsewhere in the universe."

Educational crisis looms when the 'Space Cowboys' retire, Enterprise Netwroks and Servers

"In the next five to 10 years the Cold Warriors and the people who worked on Apollo are going to retire," said NASA Administrator Dan Goldin. "We have five to 10 years of that overlap between those who know how to do things and those who come in with brilliant new ideas."

BU names MIT provost as its new president, Boston Herald

"After clashing with trustees and longtime President and Chancellor John Silber, Goldin was reportedly paid a severance package of $1.8 million without serving a single day as president of BU."

Lots of Guns at KSC

NASA Award Notice: Glock 17 Holsters, NASA KSC

"Contract Award Amount: $32,501.40"

Editor's update: There are approximately contractor 400 security personnel covering Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS). When NASA took over responsibility for CCAFS security several years ago no effort was made to replace/upgrade existing firearms. CCAFS personnel were issued USAF Berettas which one source says were now "falling apart". As such, NASA went out to upgrade all sidearms to new hardware - hence the order for 380 Glocks and associated holsters.

Neil Armstrong threatens to sue barbershop over hair clippings, AP

"Apollo moon mission astronaut Neil Armstrong has threatened to sue a barbershop owner who collected Armstrong's hair after a trim and sold it for $3,000."

Congressman Backs Asteroid Agency, Wired

"Rohrabacher said he next plans to send a letter to NASA chief Michael Griffin, asking for his official stance on the creation of a federal asteroid-response agency. He said he hopes Congress or the president will appoint an agency by the end of the year."

A Call to (Considered) Action, Russell L. Schweickart, Chairman, B612 Foundation

Griffin Does GSFC

Editor's note: Word has it that Mike Griffin will visit GSFC on 9 June.



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