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D.C. area space policy student note: How can you adapt the current planet definition criteria (under consideration) to also define what a politician is?

Lost History Update

Houston, our tapes have gone missing, The Independent

"Until now, they have kept the story out of the press because, they say, they do not want to embarrass NASA. They insist it is wrong to characterise the tapes as "missing". "They're not missing," Mr Lebar said, "we just haven't found them."

NASA can't find original tape of moon landing, Reuters

"I wouldn't say we're worried -- we've got all the data. Everything on the tapes we have in one form or another," [NASA spokesman Grey] Hautaloma said."

Editor's note: Not true Grey. NASA has low resolution copies of higher resolution television imagery. You know - kind of like having blurry, faded photocopies of Columbus' original log books and maps. I would be willing to bet that the search for these historic tapes was a low priority matter at NASA until the media picked up on the story.

Skylab Restoration Update

Volunteers fix up decaying Skylab mock-up, AP

"A full-size training mock-up of Skylab is slowly rotting away outside the Alabama space museum where it spent years on display. Flecks of gray paint from a wall dot its mesh floor, and a bird's nest rests in an equipment compartment."

Fake Sources

Wired News Writer Faked Info, Wired

"Wired News has removed three articles from its website after an internal investigation failed to confirm the authenticity of a source used in the stories. "Tribal Curse Haunts Launch Pad" (June 27, 2006), "NASA Boosts Heart-Monitoring Tech" (July 7, 2006) and "Don't Flush It -- Breathe It" (July 14, 2006), all by Philip Chien, relied in part on quotes and citations from Robert Ash, described in the first two stories as a "space historian" and in the last as an "aeronautical engineer and amateur space historian."

Editor's note: Some of you may recall that Phil Chien once asked (during a NASA press conference) if cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko (who got married while on-orbit) would be able to consumate his marriage upon return to Earth.

Help Save Skylab

Editor's note: To save Skylab the Alabama/Mississippi section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) started the Skylab Restoration Project (SRP). AIAA is seeking volunteers to help save this unique part the U.S. Space Program. Visit their website at for photos and videos of the sad state that this historic hardware is currently in.

Former Astronaut Glenn in Car Accident, AP

"Former senator and astronaut John Glenn and his wife were taken to a hospital with minor injures after being involved in a car accident, police said. Glenn, 85, and his wife, Annie, 86, were in fair condition early Saturday morning at Grant Medical Center, a nursing supervisor said."



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