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The last one out can turn off the lights..., Opinion, Dwayne Day Space Review

"There are other reasons why professional space reporting remains important. Professional media can pay to send reporters to get the story, or pay a reporter to operate in places--Houston, Cape Canaveral--where the stories are generated. Yes, the space blogosphere can operate from anywhere, but people won't do certain things, like call up sources or knock on office doors on a weekday, unless they're getting paid."

Editor's note: While Dwayne (on the staff of the NRC Space Studies Board) makes some valid points, he also oozes elitism as to how he thinks the media should cover space news and seems to think that the only good space journalism is one conducted by people paid to do it. He clearly does not understand the full extent of changes underway in all aspects of news reporting - space is only a subset thereof.

Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a lot to say but lack the ability to reach a mass audience? Do you want to write for SpaceRef and NASA Watch? Then keep reading. In May SpaceRef is relaunching our online web site and we're on the lookout for experienced writers to write for SpaceRef and NASA Watch who are passionate about space science, space exploration, space policy, earth science, launches, NewSpace, satellites etc.

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An Inspector General Under Fire, editorial, NY Times

"President Obama has rightly pledged to root out waste and fraud as he ramps up federal spending. With such publicly expressed doubt about Mr. Cobb's effectiveness and objectivity, it is hard to see how he can conduct audits and investigations that will be trusted and believed. The president should let him go and nominate a qualified successor."

Space Beat Getting Smaller, FreeSpace (Irene Klotz)

"Anyone who tells you theyre not worried about losing their job either works for the government or lives in the land of Denial. So while it was a surprise, it certainly wasnt totally unexpected to learn of the departure of a 23-year colleague and friend on the space beat, Mark Carreau, from the Houston Chronicle."

Editor's note: Craig, then Miles, now Mark. Why are only the good ones getting canned?

Boy finds fame with smelly shoes, BBC

"Mr Aldrich's credentials as an olfactory adjudicator date back to his days conducting smell tests for American space agency Nasa."

Editor's note: Just what was he sniffing at NASA?

Editor's note: ARC Center Director Pete Worden will be on The Space Show today, from 2:00 - 3:00 PDT.

Editor's update: The Space Show folks got confused about the date, it would seem, when they Twittered about their schedule today. Pete Worden was on their show yesterday.

Hacking Bill Nelson

Lawmaker hacked off over cyber invasions

"Cyber-invaders thought to be in China have recently hacked into the computer network in U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson's office, according to the senator's office. Two attacks on the same day this month and another one last month targeted work stations used by three Nelson staffers - a key foreign-policy aide, the deputy legislative director and a former Nelson NASA adviser. But the hackers didn't make off with any classified information, which isn't kept on office computers, a Nelson spokesman said. Nelson is a member of the Senate's Intelligence, Armed Services and Finance committees; and, he heads a Senate subcommittee that oversees NASA. "I have had my office computers invaded three times in the last month. One of them, we think, is serious," Nelson acknowledged Thursday, during a Senate Armed Services hearing that touched upon the subject of hackers trying to invade U.S. military computer networks."

3 senators urge Obama to remove NASA inspector Cobb, Orlando Sentinel

"Three U.S. senators drew a bull's eye on NASA's "Moose," calling for the removal of the agency's inspector general, Robert "Moose" Cobb. The bipartisan trio of senators announced Wednesday that they sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to remove Cobb from his job as the government's in-house watchdog on NASA spending. The senators - Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV, D-W.V., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa - pointed to "years of complaints and investigation's into Cobb's work."

GriffinSpace, LLC

Editor's note: Rebecca Griffin has been sending this email around the Washington aerospace community:

"Dear Colleagues, As all of you know, Mike has left NASA and I am now free of his conflict of interest restrictions and am able to accept consulting engagements again. To that end, Mike and I have set up a woman-owned small business, GriffinSpace LLC, of which I am the president and Mike is the chief operating officer. Please discard your prior contact information for me and use: ..."

Apparently the online home of their new company, GriffinSpace, LLC will eventually be

The Space Elevator Spring Chat Series begins March 17 and will be running every Tuesday for at least 4 weeks. Our first guest will be: Ben Shelef, Co-founder, The Spaceward Foundation & the International Space Elevator Consortium. Join the Chat: March 17 2:30 PMEastern Time/ 11:30 AM Pacific Time Topic: The Space Elevator concept including an update on the Space Elevator Challenges

Canadian Leadership in Space: International Experts to Discuss Need for Cohesive Policy

"The need to shape a Canadian space policy is being addressed this week by a special roundtable of international experts meeting in Ottawa, a discussion that will focus on what is required to spur government action on space activities."

Media Advisory: National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign-Canadian Space Agency Introduces Top 16 Candidates

"The President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Steve MacLean will introduce the top 16 candidates remaining in the National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign during a news conference on Monday, March 16."

Canadian NewSpace: Domestic and International Opportunities for 2009 and Beyond

"Canadian NewSpace will be a gathering of industry professionals seeking to assess domestic and international opportunities in space commerce that may be for the immediate future and beyond."

From the Earth to Mars - Steps Towards a First Human Mission to the Red Planet

"Join Dr. Pascal Lee, Director of the Haughton-Mars Project, Mars Institute for this free lecture at the H.R. MacMillan Space Center in Vancouver."



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