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Making NASA "Open"

NASA Idea Brainstorming Tool, Open Government at NASA

"NASA is seeking input on the creation of the NASA Open Government Plan. As outlined in the Open Government Directive, this brainstorming tool is a mechanism gain input on how to make the key principle of openness a meaningful pillar of NASA's mission, and how to implement participation, transparency and collaboration activities such that NASA becomes more relevant, efficient, and accountable. Key ideas and suggestions developed through this process will be prioritized in the NASA Open Government Plan."

"I have been reading books about space since, well, since I learned how to read. Indeed this is how I learned to really read a book - since the books I had to read in school were lame. Nearly half a century later, I have read an unknown number of books that chronicle the life stories of those who have come to be involved with the exploration of space. Every book is different yet every book is the same since the paths that people took were similar and overlapping. Some came from Nazi Germany, others from small towns in America or Russia.

But until now I had not read a story of someone who aspired to touch the stars from the midst of revolution-racked Iran."


Canadian Space AgencyShrinking Budget and No Space Plan puts the Canadian Space Agency in a Bind, SpaceRef Canada

"While the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is not expected to see a significant change in its budget this coming year, it is possible that cuts are forthcoming in future budgets which were already scheduled to decline as the government reigns in spending."

Marc's note: As you'll read in the article the Canadian government appears to have delayed releasing Canada's Long-Term Space Plan for a year as it waits out what NASA was going to do as. FYI your login with NASA Watch will work on SpaceRef Canada if you choose to leave comments there.



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