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NASA Balloon Suffers Mishap in Australia, NASA

"Upon release, the balloon's payload hit the ground and was dragged approximately 150 yards before hitting a fence and sports utility vehicle. No one was injured. A mishap investigation board is being convened."

NASA balloon crashes on take-off in Australia, destroying telescope, USA Today

"A towering NASA science balloon bearing a gamma-ray telescope crashed on liftoff today in Australia, according to reports from the Outback. The gondola carrying the multimillion-dollar package overturned an SUV and narrowly missed several onlookers. The Nuclear Compton Telescope, which was developed by the University of California, was destroyed. The telescope "came off the launch vehicle badly and hit the ground several times as the abort completed," team member Eric Bellm, a graduate astronomy student at the UC-Berkeley, wrote on the mission's blog [now blocked]."

Prepared Remarks by Charles Bolden at NASA JSC 28 April 2010

"For my friends in the media - and I think you all know that I mean that in all sincerity - our NASA team cannot be successful in telling our incredible story without your cooperation and assistance. I will always attempt to be responsive to your requests for access, within reason. But you are not a friend of the space program when you misrepresent the statements or actions of our dedicated, loyal workforce for the sake of a headline-winning story. Again, please don't take this as an attempt to blame the messenger for NASA's problems. That is not the case nor my intent. Rather, please realize that this is a major change in trajectory for our Nation's space program, and that such change is bound to be turbulent in the formative stages. I know that this Nation's aerospace enterprise is capable of coming together and moving forward as one."

Keith's note: If NASA management were to stop thinking of the media in terms of "friends" or its implied counterpart (enemies) and focused instead upon being responsive to the media when the agency is legitimately questioning NASA's problems (things NASA would prefer to to talk about), then the adversarial relationship would improve. Thinking in "us vs them" terms, as is evidenced in Bolden's remarks, simply perpetuates the problem.

Blunt Talk in Houston

Bolden tries to raise spirits at JSC, Houston Chronicle

"But unlike the president's stop in Florida, where he offered to provide the work force there with $40 million in transition aid and made other concessions, Bolden announced no new initiatives that might benefit Johnson Space Center."

Houston Layoffs Not in NASA Plan ... Yet, My Fox Houston

"For you to go to members of Congress, the media and the American public with contradictory information about the road ahead and the need to move beyond the Constellation program isn't helping," said Bolden."

Bolden in Houston to discuss future of NASA, KTRK

"Reasonable people can agree to disagree," Bolden said in his speech, of which a copy was obtained by ABC13. "However, my friends, now is the time that we must pull together."... "If we flounder and lose out on this opportunity, it is unlikely that our nation will have a similar opportunity in our lifetime," Bolden said."

Faux News Update

Spaceballs - Fox News article about NASA's future stokes Cold War fears with false experts, Columbia Journalism Review

"Obama's proposal marks a dramatic shift in the U.S. program for space exploration, worthy of debate. It's unfortunate, then, but unfortunately not surprising, that some news outlets have turned questions of serious policy into political spaceballs. One week before Obama's speech, a science reporter at, who frequently provides a platform for climate change skeptics (examples here, here, here and here), zeroed in on long-standing plans to retire the deteriorating space shuttle this fall, a cost-saving (and perhaps life-saving) move that will force NASA to depend on Russia's Soyuz spacecraft for transportation to and from the space station."

And Now A Word From The Lunatic Fringe, Earlier Post

Keith's note: Lori Garver is now on Twitter at lori_garver and has a fan page on Facebook.

Mike Griffin Update

Goodnight Moon: Michael Griffin on the future of NASA, Ars Technica

"... is there a value for a government-led human space flight program? See, what's being missed here is that NASA is being taken out of the business of conducting human space flight, and I think that's wrong. Those are the larger issues, and we are being diverted by the details of this vehicle or that vehicle, and I would say that the diversion is not productive. We need to focus on the larger issues: should NASA... should the US government be leading the human space flight program or not, and what are the goals? I am unsatisfied with the President's answers to those questions."

Keith's note: Mike Griffin will be speaking at an AIAA meeting on 5 April at the University of Alabama, Tuscalosa. 1:00 pm in Hardway room 252.

Gov. Paterson launches NASA call in attempt to help New York's quest to land space shuttle, NY Daily News

"Paterson phoned NASA Administrator William Holden this week to plug the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum's bid to win one of the soon-to-be-retired shuttles - Discovery, Atlantis or Endeavour."

Keith's note: "NASA Administrator William Holden"? Oh well, its April Fool's day.



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