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Astronaut Scott Kelly Available For Interviews

"After a five-month stay aboard the International Space Station, astronaut Scott Kelly will be available for live satellite interviews on Tuesday, March 22, from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. Kelly will be available from 6 to 8 a.m. CDT. The interviews will air live on NASA Television."

Keith's 9:30 am EDT note: Why did NASA (or was it Scott Kelly) cancel all of those live interview shots this morning? NASA TV suddenly had dead air. Lots of TV networks and other media awere lined up in the queue.

Keith's 11:30 am EDT update: JSC PAO just sent me this: "Scott Kelly discontinued his planned interviews this morning because the media repeatedly asked him about his personal family matters rather than his mission to the International Space Station. The media continued to inquire about personal family matters even after he and NASA PAO had repeatedly informed them that the focus of the interviews should remain on his mission."

To be certain the Kelly family is absolutely entitled to their privacy on family issues such as this and the media should respect that - period. But what has me a little baffled is Scott's constant discussion of these issues on-orbit - including discussions with the President, photos of him wearing the wearing of the blue bracelet after landing, and other things related to Rep. Giffords. Why did he talk about this *during* his "mission to the International Space Station"? Either this is in or out of bounds - not both. As such, I can understand how the media was confused about the sudden change in ground rules. He's certainly made them clear now.

Keith's 5:30 pm EDT update: Based on reader reactions and the Kelly family's reaction to the media I am inclined to simply ignore news about them whenever possible - regardless of the topic.

NASA Technology: Imagine. Innovate. Explore., NASA OCT

"On the same day that Robonaut 2, the first humanoid robot in space, emerged from his protective packaging onboard the International Space Station, its twin entertained a crowd back on Earth at the annual NASA Technology Day on Capitol Hill. Developed jointly by NASA and General Motors, Robonaut 2 (R2) is a robotic assistant that can work alongside humans--whether astronauts in space or workers in U.S. manufacturing plants. R2 also is a powerful example of the benefits of NASA partnerships and technology."

Reporters Invited to Meet Robonaut Tuesday with Members of Congress

"Journalists are invited to tour a NASA Technology exhibit on Tuesday, March 15, from 4 to 5 p.m. EDT in room HVC-201 of the Capitol Visitor Center. ... Journalists who do not have U.S. Capitol press credentials must contact the House Press Gallery at 202-225-3945. This event is not open to the public, and media access will conclude at 5 p.m."

Keith's note: An exhibit about NASA technology and its benefit to the public at the Capitol "Visitors Center" - but no one from the public can "visit" the exhibit? FAIL.

NASA OIG: Review of NASA's Controls over Public Sales of Space Shuttle Property

"We found that NASA had not fully integrated its export control and property disposition processes to reduce the risk that public sales of Space Shuttle property could result in the prohibited release of export-controlled items and technology. This occurred because the Agency did not fully recognize how the domestic sale of Space Shuttle property could result in an export. Moreover, NASA's policies do not include the internal controls necessary to fully protect export-controlled property from unauthorized release."

Bill Gerstenmaier on the DC Variable, NASA PM Challenge

"Dramatic changes in information and news circulate through blogs, and social media has impacted NASA greatly. While the initial reaction may be to control these outlets, Gerstenmaier has taken a different approach. It has not been uncommon for him to finish a Flight Readiness Review for the shuttle and have a report out about it before leaving the building. Instead of suppressing communication within the reviews, he has invited his public affairs officer to attend and tweet updates. Doing this has enabled him to tell a better NASA story and actually stay in front of the blogs. "Instead of trying to slow down communication, recognize that communication is diverse and fast. How can you now participate in it and use it to your advantage?"

Keith's note: Right now a featured video on NASA Buzzroom is "Bowling For Soup US Tour". (original on YouTube). Is this appropriate? No mention of outer space. So ... what do you do? If you go to NASA Buzzroom, and scroll to the bottom of the page you will see this notice: "This site collects community content about NASA. We invite you to join the conversation! If you find something you don't think belongs, please let us know! Page Last Updated: March 6th, 2011; Page Editor: JESS3; NASA Official: Beth Beck" One small problem: they do not provide a link or an email address. So ... how does one "let them know"?

Urgent!! Comet Elenin Is The Reason For FEMA Stocking Up On Supplies!!

"Urgent Message about whats going to happen on and around March 15 !! Clear explanation of the comming pole shift from the approach of commet Elenin! This could be the reason FEMA has ordered all the MRE's, underwater bodybags, blakets. Something dras..."

Keith's note: The original video is posted here on YouTube. There is another Elenin-related video posted on here. This video sounds like fun too: UFO - Moon Rising Earth Shattering NASA Lies pt1of7. And let's not forget about ET dissections: UFO*Area 51/Alien Autopsy!-16mm original film/ ROSWELL /NASA X-FILES-1947*. And, of course, it is nice to see NASA Buzzroom hosting a discussion on the topic of "Tennessee Ernie Ford and June Carter - Together!"

What actually angers me is that NASA overtly posts/hosts these goofball videos and lets people post whatever they want - no matter how bizzarre - again appearing on a page. But I get official NASAese telling me why the agency cannot link to those recent, wonderful NASA videos that were done on the agency's behalf (this one and this one for example). It seems to be, by virtue of posting these goofy videos, that NASA has actually set a de facto precedent whereby it can point to (host) third party things of clear value as well. Either that, or no one at NASA understands (or cares about) the legal issues.

Most annoyingly, NASA SOMD posts a link to a fan video (original link since the NASA web scrubber will soon remove it) featuring repurposed Carl Sagan footage from "Cosmos" on YouTube - but yet NASA won't link to these other videos - also using Sagan - citing legalese as the reason why. Where's the consistency?

- Another Video NASA Will Not Link To - Because It Does Not Know How, earlier post
- Poignant Video: NASA - The Frontier Is Everywhere (Update), earlier post

Keith's update: Well it looks like this finally got someone's s attention at NASA SOMD EPO. Obviously they were not paying attention to any of this. They are now furiously scrubbing this site for videos that they do not want up. I made screen grabs of a bunch of them (below). Let's see if NASA finds all of them.

NASA SOMD's Beth Beck is aware of all of this - yet after being notified she still allows a web page that features this video - one which contains a non-stop stream of profanity and imagery showing a bloody lynching - to stay online. How did it even get there in the first place? I give up.

Keith's update: Beth finally got around to having the video removed - but it is cached here at Google as it was more than a week ago. There is another video linked to by NASA Buzzroom that has loads of profanity etc. in it. Lets see if the crack Internet squad at NASA Buzzroom can find it.

Atlas V X-37B OTV-2 Cape launch set for March 4

"The 45th Space Wing is set to launch an Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle from Space Launch Complex 41 on March 4, 2011. The rocket will carry an Air Force X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV). The launch window for this Air Force mission opens at 3:39 p.m. EST."

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