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Stephen Hawking Accepts Prestigious NSS Award on Society's 25th Anniversary

"The National Space Society (NSS) is pleased to announce Dr. Stephen Hawking as the 14th recipient of NSS's Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award. The award [was] be presented to Dr. Hawking at a special ceremony at the Cooks Branch Conservancy in Montgomery, Texas on Wednesday, March 28 and is given in recognition of his outstanding and continuing public efforts in support of human space development and settlement."

F-1 Engine Recovery, Bezos Expeditions

"I'm excited to report that, using state-of-the-art deep sea sonar, the team has found the Apollo 11 engines lying 14,000 feet below the surface, and we're making plans to attempt to raise one or more of them from the ocean floor. We don't know yet what condition these engines might be in - they hit the ocean at high velocity and have been in salt water for more than 40 years. On the other hand, they're made of tough stuff, so we'll see."

Marc's note: it will be very interesting to see what condition the engine(s) are in if they are able to raise one or more of them.

Evacuation? Surely we can do better!, B612 Foundation

"The other day we had a couple of small asteroids narrowly miss hitting the Earth, and we only discovered them about a day before they flew by. This is actually a fairly common occurrence (and these particular asteroids are like most of these cases quite small and relatively harmless). But consider what would happen if a larger asteroid like the one that hit Tunguska in 1908 was found to be on a collision course just a day or so ahead of impact. Our only option would be to evacuate the impact area."

NASA's Twitter Account Receives Shorty Award

"NASA's activities in social media were recognized on Monday in New York when the agency's official Twitter feed, @NASA, received a Shorty Award for the best government use of social media. The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media across sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare and others. NASA's nomination cited multiple aspects of the agency's social-media efforts, including the popular Angry Birds in Space game and encouragement of science among young people."

Scientist Nozette Called Brilliant, Greedy Traitor, FAS

"As a condition of his plea agreement, which lowered his sentence recommendation from 262 months to 156 months, Nozette was debriefed by law enforcement and intelligence officials. But "the value of these debriefings was limited. Defendant provided no actionable information. There were times that defendant's professed lack of recollection was baffling."

Keith's note: Here's a Video of creepy convicted traitor Stu Nozette giggling and shoving food into his mouth while talking about being a super secret man of mystery with fake identities, offshore bank accounts, escape routes, places to hide out, extradition restrictions, taking lessons from 9-11 terrorist Mohammed Atta on how to get out of the U.S. - and that this decision to betray the U.S. was a "career decision".

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Legal Smackdown: NASA, Religion and Intelligent Design, Times

"Neither the Constitution nor employee-protection laws can regulate feelings -- no more than they can or should regulate belief systems. They can, however, circumscribe behavior on both sides of that faith-divide. From the filings at least, JPL appears to have stayed well within those boundaries. Coppedge appears to have jumped the rails entirely."

Canada Commits to the International Space Station Beyond 2015

"The meeting will wrap up tomorrow [Thursday] with a press conference at 1:00 pm ET where a group communiqu will be released. The substance of that communiqu will likely not contain any new developments other than a continued commitment to using the space station to its fullest capability."

Keith's note: NASA PAO never bothered to tell media that there was a press conference today.



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