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Is NASA one step closer to warp drive?, CNET

"NASA, according to, is quietly claiming to have successfully tested a revolutionary new means of space travel that could one day allow for such insane speed, and to have done it in a hard vacuum like that of outer space for the first time."

Has NASA Accidentally Invented The Warp Drive?, Huffington Post

"NASA has been experimenting with a revolutionary new propulsion system called the EmDrive and after some preliminary analysis there's some evidence that it is actually creating a warp field."

Keith's note: More claims about Ellen Ochoa's warp drive gizmo at JSC that NASA refuses to talk about because they're embarrassed and/or clueless.

- JSC's Warp Drive: Fact or Fluff?, earlier post
- Clarifying NASA's Warp Drive Program, earlier post
- JSC's Strange Thruster Violates The Laws of Physics, earlier post

Keith's note: Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye (The Science Guy®) is certainly having fun these days. I guess its perfectly normal to brag about getting a flight on Air Force One (I'm absolutely certain that I would too) but when you are flying on a 747 that only carries a small number of people (carbon footprint anyone?) for an Earth Day event, and then you take others to task on environmental and scientific issues, well ... this wins the NASAWatch clueless Tweet of the day award.

And yes, yes, yes, the plane would have flown anyway and if Nye did not sit in one of the seats then someone else would have and the carbon footprint would have remained the same. For all we know Nye reimbursed the government for the actual full cost of his seat and has personally sequestered enough carbon in the ground or bought carbon credits to make this trip carbon neutral. But since he's all about being in the spotlight, wouldn't a more useful public thing for The Science Guy® Nye focus on something that anyone, anywhere could do to protect our environment - one that did not include selfie opportunities on Air Force One? Just wondering. That's what Earth Day used to be about.



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