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- NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden will speak at the Center of American Progress at 10 am ET. The event will be live-streamed on NASA TV and on the CAP website
- NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot will deliver keynote remarks at the Von Braun Symposium at 1:30 pm ET remarks will be live streamed here.
- The NASA FISO Telecon on "The James Webb Space Telescope" telecon starts at 3 pm ET. Details here.
- The NASA Landing Site/Exploration Zone Workshop for Human Missions to the Surface of Mars will be streamed all day. Details here
- The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Fall Symposium will be live streamed all day. Details here.

Keith's note: JSC used to be so proud of its X-38 program. Not any more. The X-38 V-201 orbital test vehicle is currently sitting atop its ground mobility carrier outside at JSC behind Building 49. It is totally exposed to the elements and sitting next to a trash dumpster. You can even see it in Google Maps. Click on images to enlarge.

C'mon JSC. How much would it cost someone to go to Home Depot at lunch time to buy one of those blue tarps everyone in Houston uses on their roofs after a hurricane? Why not donate this X-38 to Space Center Houston if you can't think of anything better to do with it than to park it outside next to a dumpster?

JSC got all upset about not getting a Space Shuttle and yet this is how they treat a spacecraft they built all by themselves?

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NASA and Israel Space Agency Sign Cooperation Agreement

"NASA and the Israel Space Agency (ISA) of the Ministry of Science signed a new civil space cooperation agreement on October 13, 2015. The agreement was signed by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Menachem Kidron - Director General of the Israel Space Agency during the International Astronautical Congress hosted in Jerusalem by the ISA. The last agreement between NASA and the ISA was signed in 1996 and remained in effect until 2005. The two sides agreed that now is the right time to renew their commitment to their mutual cooperation. The new agreement, which is more far-reaching and in-depth than its predecessor, will enable NASA and ISA to cooperate in the exploration and research of space for the betterment of mankind and for peaceful use."

Jerusalem Welcomes the International Space Community Amidst Wave of Violence, SpaceRef

"The opening ceremony featured several speeches from dignitaries including the Minister of Science of Israel, Ofir Akunis and the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat. Of note, both the mayor and Minister spoke on the recent wave of violence which later in the evening hit a little too close for comfort for the delegates as an Arab man stabbed and tried to grab the gun of an Israel Defense Force soldier just 200 meters from the International Convention Center on a bus while the welcome reception was underway. The attacker was killed in the skirmish, which also lightly injured one other person."

The Journey to Mars Starts with the Journey to the Moon, SpaceRef

"China for its part stressed the desire to have full international cooperation with other countries. This idea, which was later brought up during the Q&A, elicited a response from NASA's administrator Charles Bolden that NASA was "temporarily" unable to cooperate with China and that he felt they were "on the outside, looking in" as other nations, including all on the panel, were discussing cooperative projects with China."

As an Emerging Space Nation Israel Makes a Statement in Hosting the International Astronautical Congress, SpaceRef

"Israel's space program was born out of military need, but in recent years the civil space program has received an infusion of funding and next week it will host the annual International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem."

Marc's note: Charlie Bolden will take part in the annual Heads of Agencies plenary next Monday.

I will be at Congress covering it with stories to be posted here.

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