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U.K. Releases National Space Policy

"As Britain's first European Space Agency astronaut prepares for his historic launch to the International Space Station (ISS) on 15 December, the Government is publishing the UK's first ever National Space Policy - firmly placing the UK on the global stage for future space programmes.

With the UK aiming to become the European hub for commercial spaceflight and related space sector technologies, this new policy sets out the Government's vision to capture a greater share of the world's thriving space market. Working across the UK in partnership with the rapidly growing sector, this One Nation policy will see ensure the UK seizes opportunities to deliver new business opportunities, create jobs and push the boundaries of our understanding of space."

Keith's note: NASA pays lots of money to send the endlessly-talented photographer/videographer Bill Ingalls to Russia - he breaks technology barriers whenever he can - with clear style - yet NASA PAO/NASA Social cannot find a way to link to his live event when he goes to the trouble of offering it? I am truly baffled. I did this sort of thing live from Everest Base Camp back in 2009. Its not easy but its not hard. Now NASA does it - but stumbles upon itself to find out how to tweet a simple web link?



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