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Environmental Liabilities: NASA's Reported Financial Liabilities Have Grown, and Several Factors Contribute to Future Uncertainties, GAO

"NASA's reported fiscal year 2019 environmental liabilities estimate for restoration projects does not include certain costs, and some factors may affect NASA's future environmental liabilities, potentially increasing or decreasing the federal government's fiscal exposure. Certain costs are not included in the fiscal year 2019 estimate because some projects are in a developing stage where NASA needs to gather more information to fully estimate cleanup costs. Further, NASA limits its restoration project estimates to 30 years, as the agency views anything beyond 30 years as not reasonably estimable. Sixty of NASA's 115 open restoration projects in fiscal year 2019 are expected to last longer than 30 years."

NASA Town Hall (Update)

Keith's 11 January note: There is a agency wide Town Hall coming up soon. Nothing is online yet and NASA PAO has not responded to my inquiry. Usually when Administrators depart and the White House changes hands there is an agency-wide event with farewell messages, awards given out etc. Stay tuned.

Keith's 12 January update: PAO says that no "public" event is scheduled at this time.

Keith's 14 January update: When I asked HQ PAO if there was a Town Hall they said there would not be a "public event". When I asked if there was a non-public event planned they did not respond. Well as many of you know, there is an internal NASA agency wide Town Hall - albeit a recorded one - regarding COVID-19 Issues on Friday, 15 January. As for a farewell event for Jim Bridenstine et al - there apparently is nothing planned. Then again, watching the SLS core stage fire ought to be a nice send off ;-)

Agency Town Hall: COVID-19 Vaccine

"On Friday, Jan. 15, NASA leaders will record a town hall to answer employee questions about coronavirus vaccinations. Participating in the event are: Associate Administrator Steve Jurczyk, Deputy Associate Administrator Melanie Saunders, Chief Health and Medical Officer Dr. J.D. Polk, Deputy Chief Health and Medical Officer Dr. Vince Michaud, and Chief Human Capital Officer Jane Datta. Submit your question below and/or vote up questions already posted."

Keith's 14 January update: NASA has taken down these employee comments.

Below are the questions as of 14 January (the numbers on the left are up-votes):



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