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September 19, 1996
Mr. Daniel Goldin
NASA Headquarters
300 E Street SW
Washington, DC 20546

Dear Mr.Goldin:

The 1996 Headquarters Honor Awards ceremony scheduled on September 25, 1996, is to recognize achievement both by Headquarters employees as well as special service by individuals or groups of non-Governmental employees. The awards involve no monetary incentives, and are administered and conducted by the Headquarters Honor Awards Committee, a permanently established group of employees representing a cross-section of Headquarters operations. Nominees are peer-reviewed by the committee, following established procedures and internal rules, and recommendations are provided to appropriate Headquarters management levels for concurrence. Barring extraordinary circumstances, concurrence is the usual outcome.

This year, the nominees for the Special Service Award category included Mr.Keith Cowing, President, Reston Communications. Mr. Cowing, a former NASA employee, was cited for using his talents and capabilities to provide NASA employees with unfiltered and timely public information on a homepage (the NASA RIF Watch) he created and maintains on the Internet. This world wide web site contains topical information, including Congressional matters, NASA public documents, and articles and stories appearing in the national and local press, which is of high importance to the average NASA worker. The homepage brings together in one easily-accessible place a significant amount of data in the public domain relevant to the future direction and structure of Headquarters, as well as NASA overall.



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