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Headquarters Buyout Plan

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
Washington, DC 20546-0001

OCT 3 1996
Reply to the Attn of: CP

TO: Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices
FROM: C/Associate Administrator for Headquarters Operations
SUBJECT: Headquarters Buyout Plan

As you are aware, the FY 1997 appropriation for NASA has been signed by the President. This Bill permits NASA to offer separation incentives (buyout) to our employees who leave under this authority up to the amount of $25,000.

In response to the guidance transmitted by the Office of Human Resources and Education on October 1, 1996, we must submit a Headquarters buyout plan for FY 97 no later than October 11, 1996. To provide this plan expeditiously, our staff has drafted the enclosed buyout plan for use this fiscal year. We are also working with the union in developing the plan. Our draft plan was developed and structured to be responsive to the skills necessary to be retained in Headquarters congruent with the "go to" plans submitted by each of you. We should provide buyouts to enable us to achieve our go-to ceiling of 951, but not allow buyout activity to require outside hiring. In particular, please review the categories of ineligible employees closely and provide feedback regarding whether any additional categories should be added, recognizing the fact that we must continue to restrict hiring into Headquarters from the outside.

Due to the fact that we have a limited time to finalize our plan, I am requesting that your comments be provided to me no later than Monday, October 7, 1996. Please contact Bonnie Acoveno at 358-1562 if you have questions regarding the plan.

Michael D. Christensen


Draft NASA Buyout Plan


NASA is in the process of totally restructuring the agency. This effort is being undertaken in the context of a comprehensive NASA management reform initiative, the central objective of which is transitioning to NASA management by Enterprises. NASA Headquarters staffing levels are being driven by ZBR allocations, NPR guidance to reduce staffing levels at Headquarters offices by 50%, and the fundamental changes in the way we do business within the Agency based on the Administrator's guidance of February 1996. NASA's objective is to establish the appropriate management structure at Headquarters in anticipation of fully transitioning program implementation responsibilities currently resident at Headquarters to the NASA Centers.

Our on-board FTE at the end of the fiscal year 1996 was 1346; our target (go-to) ceiling is 951. An occupational analysis of the difference between these two numbers shows that the discrepancies between the on-board strength and the desired strength are variably excessive in the following order; clerical/secretarial, professional/administrative and engineering/science. Based upon that analysis, we have set target numbers for the buyout which reflect the organizational needs of Headquarters. We believe that, if obtained at the target levels set for the buyout (and coupled with other planned staff reductions), the need for a forced reduction of staff at the end of the current fiscal year would be materially lessened. If, however, we were unable to offer a significant incentive for the voluntary separation (buyout), we would not be able to achieve the 951 staffing level and a forced reduction would be the only viable alternative.



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