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7 July 2004: NASA Names Two Deputy Associate Administrators for New Science Mission Directorate

"Alphonso V. Diaz, who will assume leadership of NASA's new Science Mission Directorate as its Associate Administrator on Aug. 1, today named Orlando Figueroa Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs and Alison L. McNally Deputy Associate Administrator for Management in the directorate, effective Aug. 1."

7 July 2004: NASA's David Morrison wins 2004 Sagan Medal

"The Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) has awarded its 2004 Carl Sagan Medal to Dr. David Morrison of the NASA Ames Research Center. The Sagan Medal is awarded annually to an active researcher in the DPS for long-term excellence in the communication of planetary science to the public. The Sagan Medal will be presented to Morrison at DPS 2004, which will convene November 8-12 in Louisville, Kentucky."

1 July 2004: NASA Administrator Names Neal M. to be Special Assistant to the Administrator and acting Chief of Strategic Communications

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe today named Dr. Neal M. Burns to be Special Assistant to the Administrator and acting Chief of Strategic Communications, effective immediately. Burns is Director of the Center for Brand Research at the University of Texas at Austin."

25 June 2004: NASA General Counsel Paul G. Pastorek Returns to Private Law Practice

"Administrator Sean O'Keefe today announced that NASA General Counsel Paul G. Pastorek will to return to private law practice. He has been a key member of the NASA senior management team and a trusted advisor to Administrator O'Keefe for the past two-and-one-half years."

25 June 2004: Michael Wholley Selected as NASA General Counsel

"Administrator Sean O'Keefe today selected retired Marine Brigadier General Michael Wholley as the NASA General Counsel, effective immediately. Wholley succeeds Paul G. Pastorek and joins NASA after a distinguished career of public service in the Marine Corps."

15 June 2004: Chuck Kline has died.

Editor's note: Chuck Kline, Public Affairs Officer for the Associate Administrator for Space Transportation (AST) at the FAA has died after a brief illness. A memorial service will be held at 2pm on Saturday at the National Funeral Home, 7482 Lee Hwy. in Falls Church."

9 June 2004: NASA Names Lesa Roe to be Deputy Director of Langley Research Center

"Roy D. Bridges Jr., Director of NASA's Langley Research Center (LaRC), Hampton, Va., today named Lesa Roe as Deputy Director. Roe will assist in the general management of the Center and act with the authority of the Director in his absence. She will help plan, organize and direct Center and inter-center activities to advance research significant to national aerospace programs and objectives."

Editor's note: Yes, in case you are wondering, Lesa Roe is the wife of NESC Director Ralph Roe.

10 June 2004: NASA promotes wife of key Columbia manager, Orlando Sentinel

"Lesa Roe will stand in for Bridges when he is away, but Langley spokeswoman Marny Skora said it has been mandated that Ralph Roe will deal only with Bridges, and not his wife, on administrative matters. The NESC is overseen by Bryan O'Connor, the top safety official at NASA headquarters in Washington."

Editor's note: It seems rather odd that you'd deliberately appoint someone to be the number two manager of a NASA field center (and in some instances the acting center director) and, at the same time, remove them from the possibility of any oversight of a very prominent activity located within that center. I have to think that there are many people who could do just as good a job without this conflict of interest - a conflict which serves as an impediment to their ability to fully manage all that their boss has to manage - should the need arise. As such, Lesa Roe's title should really be "Quasi-Deputy Center Director". Of course, if Roy Bridges has no interaction at all with the NESC then this is not an issue.

8 June 2004: Ex-NASA Chief Richard Truly Retiring, AP

"Richard Truly, a former astronaut and NASA administrator who has headed the National Renewable Energy Laboratory since 1997, said Tuesday he will retire in November."

4 June 2004: NASA Selectes Admiral Cantrell for Independent Technical Authority

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe today selected Rear Admiral (Ret.) Walter H. Cantrell to help establish and lead the agency's independent technical authority within its engineering, operations and safety organizations. Cantrell joins NASA as Deputy Chief Engineer for Independent Technical Authority (ITA), effective June 7. He has served on NASA's Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) and as a member of the Stafford-Covey Task Group (SCTG) assessing the agency's return to flight implementation efforts."

28 May 2004: NASA Bigwig Visits Future Engineers, UCSB Daily Nexus

"UCSB engineering students may better understand the importance of concise technical communication after hearing a talk given by Charles Whetsel, chief engineer of the NASA Mars Exploration Program."

24 May 2004: New Assignment for NASA Chief's Assistant Stirs Accusations of Favoritism, Washington Post

"[Retha] Whewell's reassignment, however, has prompted criticism inside NASA by people who say she got special treatment from O'Keefe that he would not give other agency employees. The critics, who spoke on condition that they not be identified because of fear of retribution, said Whewell's new job was handled by the agency's top personnel officials rather than being submitted for normal processing."

6 May 2004: Special Communication from the NASA IFM Program Office: Death of Rita Mason and Peggy Williams, NASA HQ

"Our entire NASA family is mourning the tragic loss of Rita Mason and Peggy Williams, who lost their lives in a car accident this past weekend. Rita Mason and Peggy Williams were members of the IFMP Project team in Huntsville, Ala., and had been with us through the entire development cycle of our Integrated Asset Management (IAM) implementation procurement activity."

29 April 2004: NASA Names New Astronaut Class on Space Day

"The next generation of explorers is here. NASA will announce a new class of astronaut candidates, including three educator astronauts, May 6. The announcement is part of the Space Day celebration at the National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va. The program begins at 9:30 a.m. EDT and will be broadcast live on NASA Television."

25 April 2004: NASA MOD Email regarding Henry Allen's Passing

"His contributions to the Operations team have been un-paralleled and he was always on the leading edge of new technologies. That kind of leadership and mentoring will continue to benefit us all far into the future. The threads he added to the fabric of our culture continue to bind us together and strengthen us."

20 April 2004: NASA selects Air Force pilot for astronaut training, Air Force News Service

"Maj. James P. Dutton of Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., is the only Airman among 11 military and civilians to be accepted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration this year."

17 April 2004: James L. Crawford Named NASA Kennedy Space Center Director of Safety and MIssion Assurance

"NASA Kennedy Space Center Director James W. Kennedy announced today that James. L. "Larry" Crawford was named as the Director of the newly created Safety and Mission Assurance organization at KSC. Crawford will be responsible for the nearly 250 professionals assigned to ensure KSC is a safe workplace and mission success is accomplished."

17 April 2004: Dennis A. Kross Named Space Shuttle Deputy Program Manager at NASA Kennedy Space Center

"Kennedy Space Center Director James W. Kennedy recently announced that Dennis A. Kross was selected as Space Shuttle Deputy Program Manager at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Kross will assume his new role April 19. In this capacity, he is responsible for all aspects of Space Shuttle preparation, launch, and return of the orbiter to KSC following flight."

8 April 2004: NASA Names Exploration Project Directors

"NASA selected Garry M. Lyles as Deputy Director of Project Constellation and Charles J. Precourt as Program Director of the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV)."

24 March 2004: NASA ARC Center-wide Memo: G. Allen Flynt to Leave Ames and Return to JSC

"In his new position at JSC, Flynt will be responsible for human space flight operations, including mission design and activity planning, flight crew and flight controller training, real-time mission management and flight execution and the operations facilities development and sustaining engineering including the mission control center for Shuttle and Station and the training facilities."

16 March 2004: NASA Remembers William H. Pickering, Former Director of JPL

"Dr. William H. Pickering, a central figure in the U.S. space program and former director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, Calif., passed away Monday of pneumonia at his home in La Canada Flintridge, Calif. He was 93."

10 March 2004: NASA Names Deputy Assistant Administrators for External Relations

"NASA Deputy Administrator Fred Gregory today announced the appointments of Albert "Al" Condes as Deputy Assistant Administrator, and Joseph R. "Joe" Wood as Deputy Assistant Administrator (Exploration), Office of External Relations."

27 February 2004: NASA Creates Office of Institutional and Corporate Management

"NASA's Deputy Administrator, Fred Gregory, named Jeffrey E. Sutton as the agency's Assistant Administrator, Office of Institutional and Corporate Management. The new office (Code O) will provide technical expertise, policy oversight and overall leadership for NASA's institutional, corporate, infrastructure and management systems activities. Code O will manage the NASA Directives Management System; internal management control and audit follow-up systems, including internal assessments and the ISO 9001-based management systems."

5 January 2004: NASA Names Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe today named D. Lee Forsgren as the agency's new Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs, effective immediately. Forsgren succeeds Charles T. Horner III, who will continue to serve the agency as a special assistant to the Office of NASA Administrator."

Editor's note: Forsgren comes from the law firm of Adams & Reese - the same law firm NASA General Counsel Paul Pastorek once worked at.

25 November 2003: Horner to Leave NASA

Editor's note: Current Associate Administrator for Legislative Affairs Charles Horner will be leaving NASA soon. His last day at NASA will be 1 January 2004. Horner will be replaced by D. Lee Forsgren (bio) from the law firm of Adams & Reese - the same law firm NASA General Counsel Paul Pastorek once worked at.

17 November 2003: NASA Places Full Page Employment Ad in NY Times Magazine

Editor's note: This full page advertisement (image) appeared in the 16 November 2003 issue of the New York Times (Sunday) Magazine.

12 November 2003: New AA for Code R

Editor's note: Word has it that Gen. Lester Lyles will soon be named to be the Associate Administrator for Code R at NASA HQ. Lyles has been a consultant at Code R for some time.

13 November 2003: NASA Names Stennis Space Center Deputy Director

"NASA's Associate Administrator, Office of Space Flight, William Readdy, announced today David Throckmorton is Deputy Director, Stennis Space Center (SSC), Miss., effective December 1, 2003."

14 November 2003: Leaders Named for New NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC)

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced the team that will lead the new NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC)."

15 November 2003: Controversial appointment at NASA, Daily Press

"Members of the Senate Commerce Committee complained in September about NASA's selection of Roe as the man to help establish the center at NASA Langley. Roe said Friday that his mistakes, which were detailed in the Columbia Accident Investigation Board's report in August, would help him in his new role."

12 November 2003: NASA Names New Stennis Space Center Director

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced today the appointment of U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Thomas Q. Donaldson, V as the Director, John C. Stennis Space Center (SSC), Miss., effective January 5, 2004."

12 November 2003: Michael Rudolphi Named NASA Space Shuttle Propulsion Manager

"NASA's Space Shuttle Program Manager, William Parsons announced today Michael Rudolphi has been named manager of the Space Shuttle Propulsion Office at NASA' s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Ala., effective December 1, 2003."

23 October 2003: NASA Names New Deputy Director for Glenn Research Center

"NASA announced today Richard S. Christiansen is the new Deputy Director for the agency's Glenn Research Center (GRC), Cleveland, effective Nov. 16. Christiansen has been the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) Associate Director for Planning since January 2001."

10 October 2003: NASA Names Dr. Steven J. Dick to be New Historian

"He is a well-known expert in the field of astrobiology and its cultural implications. He spent three years at the Naval Observatory's Southern Hemisphere station in New Zealand. Dick served as the first Historian of the Naval Observatory, and has most recently been the Acting Chief of its Nautical Almanac Office."

Editor's note: In the late 1990's participated in a long series of planning and organizing meetings for NASA's Astrobiology program with Steve (and many others). If ever NASA had a historian who could place where the agency has been and where it is going into a cosmic, yet readily accessible context, it is Steve. Excellent choice.

29 September 2003: House Science Committee Chief Counsel Barry Beringer Passes Away

"With great sadness, the House Committee on Science today announced the death of its longtime chief counsel, Barry C. Beringer. Barry had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, which was diagnosed early this year."

12 August 2003: The 'new' guy, editorial, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"More than ever, then, Earls deserves - and indeed must have - the support of Greater Cleveland's business, educational and political leaders. Even if this region had no aspirations toward a high-tech future, the NASA Glenn Research Center would be far too important an installation to allow to founder."

Editor's Note: And NASA Glenn Research Center needs to learn how to get off its collective butt and be relevant 365 days a year - not just during those brief annual episodes when their programs are threatend and they need people to go to bat for them. Moreover, GRC needs to make itself more relevant to the community within which it resides - and not just be that place with X number of jobs out near the airport.

11 August 2003: NASA Names Michael O'Brien as New Assistant Administrator for External Relations

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe today announced the appointment of Michael O'Brien as the Assistant Administrator for External Relations, effective immediately. O'Brien replaces John Schumacher who became the NASA Chief of Staff in July."

10 August 2003: New Day at NASA Langley: Bridges' move from Kennedy Space Center not without questions, Daily Press

"The test will be how long Bridges plans to stay at Langley", said NASA observer Keith Cowing, who runs the popular Internet site. At 60, Bridges already has several prestigious leadership roles at NASA and the Air Force under his belt. "If Bridges is there a year from now, then I would say this is a plus for Langley," he said. "But if Bridges is out of there in six months, then this is a chess move." Bridges, who is in the process of buying a house in the Williamsburg area, said he intends to stick around."

10 August 2003: NASA Glenn chief leaves; deputy gets job, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Political and community leaders, who had been increasingly critical of Campbell's low-profile leadership style and the inability of NASA Glenn's $765 million annual budget to be more of an economic catalyst for Northeast Ohio, welcomed the announcement."

8 August 2003: NASA GRC Center Director Campbell Selected as NASA Deputy Administrator Special Assistant, NASA HQ

8 August 2003: Julian Earls Selected to Lead NASA Glenn Research Center, NASA HQ

"NASA Deputy Administrator Frederick D. Gregory today named Donald J. Campbell, Director for NASA's Glenn Research Center (GRC) at Lewis Field in Cleveland, to help develop high-power generation systems for propulsion and exploration. Effective Oct. 1, Campbell will become Special Assistant for Nuclear and Alternative Power Generation Systems. Dr. Julian M. Earls, GRC Deputy Director, will take over as Center Director, when Campbell assumes his new position."

30 July 2003: Costly astronauts wield too much clout, OpEd, Jim Oberg, USA Today

"The biggest problem this expensive workforce causes is the dominance in the agency of "astronaut think." Former astronauts make their way into high-level management positions throughout NASA. There they form what cynics call "the astronaut mafia," a buddy system that imposes the astronauts' will on managers."

30 July 2003: JoAnn Morgan to Retire After 45-year Career at NASA KSC, NASA KSC

"JoAnn Morgan, director of External Relations and Business Development at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), announced her retirement from NASA, effective Aug. 3, 2003. Morgan's career spans 45 years and includes a list of firsts at KSC, including her appointment as the first woman senior executive at the space center. She has been in leadership roles at KSC for the past 20 years."

16 July 2003: NASA Names Michael Wetmore Launch Integration Manager for Space Shuttle Program, NASA KSC

"National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials today named Michael E. Wetmore as the new Launch Integration Manager for the Space Shuttle program. He assumes the responsibilities of this role effective immediately."

14 July 2003: Rex Geveden Named NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Deputy Director

"William F. Readdy, Associate Administrator for Space Flight at NASA Headquarters in Washington, today named Rex D. Geveden as the new Deputy Director of the agency's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Ala. Geveden will succeed David King, who became Center Director on June 15."

14 July 2003: Woodrow Whitlow Named NASA Kennedy Space Center Deputy Director

"William F. Readdy, Associate Administrator for Space Flight at NASA Headquarters in Washington, today named Woodrow Whitlow, Jr., Ph.D., as the new Deputy Director of the agency's Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Fla., effective August 31. Whitlow will succeed James W. Kennedy, who becomes Center Director on August 10."

10 July 2003: NASA OIG: Improving Management of the Astronaut Corps

"We found that overly optimistic predictions of future flight rates, minimal regulation of astronaut candidate selection, and the need to staff engineering positions at Johnson Space Center to be factors in the Agency's astronaut hiring process. As a result, costs for the astronaut program were higher than necessary and individuals trained to be astronauts were not all being used in a manner commensurate with their expensive training."

2 July 2003: Shuttle Program Manager Announces Personnel Changes, NASA JSC

"Space Shuttle Program Manager Bill Parsons today announced several key leadership changes within the office as it reorganizes and evolves following the Columbia accident."

26 June 2003: Lockheed Martin Elects E.C. 'Pete' Aldridge to Board of Directors

"E.C. "Pete" Aldridge, Jr. has been elected to the Lockheed Martin Board of Directors, effective June 26th. Mr. Aldridge, 64, retired from government service in May."

26 June 2003: James W. Kennedy named Director, NASA Kennedy Space Center

"William F. Readdy, Associate Administrator for Space Flight at NASA Headquarters in Washington, today named James W. Kennedy as the new Director of the agency's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. Kennedy has served as KSC's Deputy Director since November 2002. He will succeed General Roy Bridges, who was appointed to lead NASA's Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va., June 13."

16 June 2003: MSFC's Stephenson proud of space, technology work, Huntsville Times

"The job at the National Space Science and Technology Center is clearly a holding pattern for Stephenson. He plans to retire from government service by January 2004, he said, and hopes to find work in Huntsville's private sector."

13 June 2003: Roy Bridges Leaving KSC to Head LaRC

Update: At a noon press conference, NASA Adminstrator O'Keefe will announce that KSC Center Director Roy Bridges will be moving from KSC to become the Center Director of Langley Research Center. Deputy Center Director James Kennedy will serve as acting Center Director while a permanent search for Bridges' replacement is found. This is a rather interesting move - taking a human spaceflight veteran and placing him at a center known in many people's minds primarily for aeronautics research. Then again, LaRC has a rich tradition of making significant contributions to spaceflight - one that goes back to NASA's very origins. Stay tuned - more to follow.

Roy Bridges biographical information, NASA JSC

13 June 2003: Gen. Roy. D. Bridges Named Langley Center Director, NASA HQ

"Gen. Roy D. Bridges, Center Director for NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Fla., has been named Center Director for the agency's Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va., Gen. Bridges, a retired U.S. Air Force Major General and former Space Shuttle pilot will assume his new duties Aug. 10."

13 June 2003: Kennedy Space Center to get new director, Orlando Sentinel

"After the press conference, O'Keefe acknowledged that he and Bridges didn't always agree, but maintained their differences were always part of a healthy debate. But their enmity spilled into the news last September, when NASA headquarters canceled an expensive and troubled computer upgrade. A NASA program manager gathered several hundred employees in a parking lot at KSC to tell them the Checkout and Launch Control System project has been scrapped, a move that O'Keefe blasted as displaying "an absolute insensitivity and failure to be leaders."

10 June 2003: Taft asks NASA chief to fix Glenn problems, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Concerned about a recent evaluation of the NASA Glenn Research Center that detected leadership and performance problems, Gov. Bob Taft has written the head of NASA, Sean O'Keefe, urging reform."

10 June 2003: NASA Associate Administrator For Aerospace Technology Retiring, NASA HQ

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced today, Dr. Jeremiah F. Creedon, Associate Administrator for Aerospace Technology is retiring after 40 years with the agency to join the faculty at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va., effective July 3."

< 30 May 2003: Allen Flynt Named NASA Ames Research Center Deputy Center Director

"G. Allen Flynt was today named deputy director at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., effective Aug. 3. Flynt comes to Ames from the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston where he served as manager of the Extra- Vehicular Activity (EVA) Project Office."

30 May 2003: Steve Doering Named EVA Project Office Acting Manager

"Steve Doering has been named acting manager of the Extravehicular Activities Project Office at the Johnson Space Center. Doering replaces Allen Flynt, who has accepted an assignment as deputy director of NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif."

27 May 2003: Marshall's new boss, Opinion, Huntsville Times

"Those close to NASA who are disappointed that Stephenson is leaving can truly take some comfort in the credentials and prospects of his successor."

27 May 2003: Chief of Staff Courtney Stadd Announces Plans to Leave Agency

"Courtney A. Stadd, NASA Chief of Staff and White House Liaison, today announced plans to leave the agency, effective July 4. Stadd, who led President Bush's NASA transition team and worked with two NASA administrators in helping to cast the strategic direction of the agency, plans to pursue opportunities in the private sector."

27 May 2003: NASA Names New Chief of Staff

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced today John Schumacher would be appointed the agency Chief of Staff. Schumacher had served as NASA's Assistant Administrator for External Relations since June 1995. He replaces Courtney Stadd, who is returning to the private sector in July."

20 May 2003: Courtney Stadd, NASA Chief of Staff to Leave Agency

Editor's note:
NASA Watch has learned that Courtney Stadd, NASA Chief of Staff, will be leaving the agency soon to pursue interests in the private sector. He will be replaced by John Schumacher, who currently serves as Assistant Administrator for External Relations. Schumacher will be replaced in turn, sources say, by Mike O'Brien, currently Deputy to Schumacher. Sources indicate other changes at NASA Headquarters and at field centers are anticipated soon.

24 May 2003: NASA's shuffling brings challenge, Huntsville Times

"Every time there's a major budget problem in Washington, the idea of closing a major NASA center is kicked around, said Keith Cowing, a former NASA manager who now runs an independent Web site, "It's talk and that's generally all it is," Cowing said. "That seems like a way to save money quickly, but when the details get fleshed out, it just doesn't pan out that way."

23 May 2003: David A. King Named Marshall Space Flight Center Director, NASA HQ

"NASA Associate Administrator for Space Flight William F.
Readdy today named David A. King as the new center director
for the Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala. King
is currently Marshall's deputy director and will succeed
Arthur G. Stephenson when Stephenson steps down June 15."

20 May 2003: Courtney Stadd, NASA Chief of Staff to Leave Agency

Editor's note:
NASA Watch has learned that Courtney Stadd, NASA Chief of Staff, will be leaving the agency soon to pursue interests in the private sector. He will be replaced
by John Schumacher, who currently serves as Assistant Administrator for External Relations. Schumacher will be replaced in turn, sources say, by Mike O'Brien, currently Deputy to Schumacher. Sources indicate other changes at NASA Headquarters and at field centers are anticipated soon.

20 May 2003: Marshall Space Flight Center Director Steps Down, NASA HQ

"NASA Associate Administrator of Space Flight William F. Readdy today announced the reassignment of Arthur G. Stephenson,
Center Director of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Ala., effective June 15. Stephenson
decided to step down from his current position and move to an important role in promoting NASA's Education efforts until
his retirement in January 2004."

21 May 2003: Another top-level shuttle official at NASA will step down, Orlando Sentinel

"In the latest of a string of departures of top-level officials involved with the space-shuttle program, the director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center said Tuesday that he's leaving next month."

15 May 2003: X-37 management Changes at MSFC

Editor's note: Dan Dumbacher
has been named NASA Program Manager for X-37, replacing Jeff Sexton.

24 March 2003: NASA Names New Chief Information Officer

"NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe announced today, Patricia L. Dunnington is the agency's new Chief Information Officer (CIO)."

12 March 2003: NASA Names Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Flight

"NASA Deputy Administrator Frederick Gregory today announced the appointment of Lynn F.H. Cline as Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Space Flight. Cline previously served as NASA's Deputy Assistant Administrator for External Relations."

24 January 2003: NASA Names Deputy Associate Administrator for Education, NASA HQ

"NASA Deputy Administrator Frederick Gregory today announced the appointment of Angela Phillips Diaz as Deputy Associate Administrator for Education. Diaz had previously served as Assistant Associate Administrator for Policy & Plans in the Office of Space Flight at NASA Headquarters."

21 January 2003: OSF Key Personnel Announcement: Mark L. Uhran - Senior Systems Integration Manager for the International Space Station , NASA HQ

"Effective January 26, 2003, Mr. Mark L. Uhran will assume the position of Senior Systems Integration Manager for the International Space Station, Office of Space Flight, NASA Headquarters."

21 January 2003: Del Weathers has died.

Editor's note: Del Weathers (NASA ARC) died this past Saturday with his family at his side.

Update: Detailed information on memorial serivces and some recent photos of Del.

I worked with Del at the Space Station Freedom Program Office in Reston. While I was a "user" down the hall in Utilization and Ops, Del worked in Engineering. He often sat across the table from me when we'd play tug of war on ICDs, ACD's, and "those damn user requirements" during the innumerable redesigns we had to endure. He also sat by my side as we dueled with Level III and Level I (who never wanted to listen to any of us at Level II - especially when we were right). All the while he kept a sense of humor about him. As I recall, he also had one of the most interesting offices (reflective of his personality) - one people tended to hang out in. He will be missed.

15 January 2003: George W.S. Abbey and Charles F. Bolden Jr. Join American PureTex Water Corporation

"George W.S. Abbey has been named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American PureTex Water Corporation and PureTex Water Works. Charles F. Bolden Jr. has been named President and Chief Operating Officer."

14 January 2003: STS-107/Columbia Ball Strut Tie Rod Assembly Issue Chronology (includes powerpoint presentations), SpaceRef

"Over the past month NASA has been working to understand the cause of cracks found in a 2.25-inch diameter metal ball located inside the Ball Strut Tie Rod Assembly (BSTRA) of Space Shuttle Discovery's 17-inch liquid oxygen line - and what the implications are for the rest of the Orbiter fleet. What follows is a chronology of public status reports and internal briefings that describe how this issue was examined and resolved."

14 January 2003: NASA Names Associate Administrator for Technical Programs

"NASA's Deputy Administrator Fred Gregory announced the appointment of Dr. Michael A. Greenfield as Associate Deputy Administrator for Technical Programs, effective immediately. Greenfield was formerly Deputy Associate Administrator for Safety and Mission Assurance at NASA Headquarters."

25 December 2002: Roy S. Estess named recipient of space trophy, The Citizen

"Roy S. Estess, former director of the NASA Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, is the recipient of the prestigious 2003 National Space Trophy, said officials with the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation."



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