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A memorial service for Tony Schoenfelder will be held this Saturday, October 2, 2004, at 11 AM at the Colonial Funeral Home in Leesburg, Virginia.

The address of the funeral home is:

23 September 2004: NBC's Fred Francis Joins NASA as Special Consultant

"After three decades working as a senior correspondent for NBC news, award-winning journalist Fred Francis has joined NASA as a special consultant. Francis will assist the agency in developing communication tools and strategies as the agency moves closer to Return to Flight and the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery for STS-114."

22 September 2004: Dr. Neal Burns Returns to Academic Pursuits

"Dr. Neal M. Burns, who since July has served as a special assistant to the Administrator and acting Chief of Strategic Communications, has decided to return full time to his family and his academic career at the University of Texas at Austin."

Big Changes Ahead at MSFC

21 September 2004: NASA MSFC Activity Notice: Update On Center Realignment Activities, NASA MSFC

"With approximately 2000 employees being affected by the realignment, the official personnel actions assigning employees to their new organizations will be processed in phases over a two month period beginning the end of October."

15 September 2004: NASA ARC Union Responds: Your vision of the perfect center

"Please clarify your position on privatizing Ames. If you still support conversion of ARC to a private entity, then please say so and support this opinion with clear and compelling facts. If you have changed your mind since June, and are opposed to it or have become noncommittal, then please say so and explain why you previously thought it was wise to put ARC at higher risk for privatization by your proposal to Mr. O'Keefe. Either way, your Civil Servant employees, who stand to lose their job security and many of their benefits, deserve a forthright explanation."



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