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LaRC RIF Process

NASA Langley Fab Section RIF Process Charts

"Folks: As many of you know, the NASA fab team won the A-76 competition. This means that the civil servants working in the fab section will be entering a competitive/RIF process to gain a job in the new organization. Approximately half of those 37 people will secure a position in the new organization. @LaRC has a link: Human Capital A-76 Transition Plan to a slide presentation that explains how this will happen."

Civil Service System on Way Out at DHS - Department Will Deviate From Federal Personnel Rules; Others May Follow Suit, Washington Post

"The Bush administration unveiled a new personnel system for the Department of Homeland Security yesterday that will dramatically change the way workers are paid, promoted, deployed and disciplined -- and soon the White House will ask Congress to grant all federal agencies similar authority to rewrite civil service rules governing their employees."

Cuts possible for Marshall, King says - Director notes too few employees accepted buyout, Huntsville Times

"Marshall may lose jobs because not enough employees accepted a buyout package offered in December. Of the 100 to 120 buyouts offered, about 75 people accepted the package, King said. The center has about 2,700 civil servant jobs."

NASA ARC Internal Memo: Message from the Director - Follow-up to Buyout

"On January 7, I promised to keep you informed. This message is to describe the Center's status now that the second buy-out window has closed. As you may have heard already, Ames has not achieved its target on the buyout. Despite a surge at the end, only 34 people took the buyout. You recall that we needed 80 people to take the buyout in order to reduce uncovered capacity, and maintain stable overhead rates (and therefore the Center's competitive posture)."

GRC reader comment: "It is interesting that the Ames center director has announced the job fairs that will be held at ARC, LARC, GRC and MSFC. GRC management has not bothered to tell us about this. Apparently they don't want to upset us."

LaRC reader comment: Having seen the comment from the GRC person saying that they've not been told about the upcoming job fairs, I thought that I'd let you know that we at Langley have been told about them, although in a relatively low-key way, so that many people might not have even recognized what we were being told."

RIF Planning at LaRC

NASA LaRC Internal Memo: Advance Notification of Training on the Mechanics of Reduction in Force

"The Office of Human Capital Management (formally OHR) will be offering several sessions of training starting February 1 through 24 which deal with the mechanics of Reduction in Force. These sessions will be open to all Langley Civil Servant Employees. The sessions will be instructional in nature only and will not be open forums for discussion."

Editor's note: This RIF memo has to do with one portion of LaRC - not the entire Center. Specifically, LaRC's machine shop won the A-76 bid. Even though they "won" the bid, staff will be reduced from 37 to 19 with some employees expecting salary freezes.

Happy Birthday from Roy

Editor's note: As part of his effort to stay in touch with LaRC employees, LaRC Center Director Roy Bridges has also taken to sending birthday wishes (see below) to individuals.

A reader from KSC writes: "This is something Roy did at KSC during his time here. As with most things like this some people liked it, others were ambivalent, others some times critical. Over all it does take special effort even with a staff and it does add a positive element to the culture."

Another reader from KSC writes: "I would like to second the comments that you've already posted from another "reader from KSC". I would also like to add that we still receive our birthday greetings from the current Center Director, Jim Kennedy. The birthday notes may be something new for LaRC, but they are nothing new for Roy Bridges. sign this, "Another Reader from KSC"

Response by NASA Langley Research Center Director Roy Bridges to Employee Communication Concerns Raised on NASA Watch

"Regarding your comments about management openness - or lack thereof - at Ames, Glenn, Langley and Marshall, I would like to bring your attention to the efforts of Langley's leadership to communicate with employees at LaRC."

What Could Have Been

2 January 2005: Silber speaks, Boston Globe

"This man, we saw later on, was a control freak," says Silber. "But he didn't come across as a control freak. . . . You had a highly mercurial character who, like many a successful person, has managed to hide his real intent until the last minute. And, fortunately, Mr. Goldin misplayed his hand. He started laying his cards down too soon. If he had waited another two or three weeks, he'd have had the job and then we'd have had a real disaster at the university."



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