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Union Protests NASA's Plans to Cut Jobs, Reorganize Research Centers, Washington Post

"NASA plans to cut 2,673 civil service jobs and restructure research center operations over the next 18 months, according to agency briefing papers. The planned downsizing is being protested by the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, AFL-CIO, which provided reporters with a Feb. 14 briefing paper on what the agency calls "workforce/institutional transformation."

NASA cuts aviation research for space, Orlando Sentinel

"Some NASA managers privately concede that major cuts to aging aeronautics programs are essential to help pay for the White House's costly plan to return astronauts to the moon by 2020 and head on to Mars. Critics contend many aeronautics projects are thinly veiled government jobs programs doing tasks better suited for the private sector."

Federal budget blueprint threatens jobs at NASA/Ames, SJ Mercury News

"NASA/Ames, the premier research center that churns out Mars rover technology and designs supercomputers, faces its biggest transformation in two decades because of pressure from Washington to recast itself into more of ``a Silicon Valley company.''

NASA Langley contractor cuts 125 jobs, Daily Press

"Budget cuts at NASA Langley Research Center caused contractor Jacobs Sverdrup to lay off an additional 47 employees Thursday as part of a painful cost-slicing measure that has reduced its local workforce by about a fourth."

Layoffs Begin at LaRC

Contractor layoffs begin at NASA Langley, Daily Press

"About 50 contractors were laid off at NASA Langley Research Center on Thursday, with more expected this week. Jacobs Sverdrup, a Tennessee-based company with 450 employees at Langley, is expected to lay off about a third of its workforce on or before March 1."

LaRC Job Fair Update

NASA LaRC Internal Memo: More Job Fair Information

"On Wednesday, February 23, recruiters from six Centers and organizations will be at Langley to recruit civil servants for their job vacancies. Those entities are Johnson Space Center (JSC), Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Goddard Flight Research Center (GFRC), Headquarters (HQ), the NASA Shared Service Center-Inherently Governmental (NSSC-IG) and the NASA Shared Service Center-Most Efficient Organization (NSSC-MEO)."

NASA Watch reader comment: "Please note that there is no such thing as Goddard Flight Research Center (GFRC0. It's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Too bad Langley's Director of the Office of Human Capital Management doesn't know that."

NASA Internal Memo: Buyout/Early-Out at Goddard

"We do not expect to receive approval from Headquarters until late February/early March and employees eligible for the proposed buyout/early-out must be off the Center's rolls by April 3, 2005."

NASA Workforce/Institutional Transformation Status as of 14 February 2005

"This is the weekly status from the NASA Associate Administrator, Office of Institutions and Management."

GRC Job Fair Updates

QUESTeam Recruits at NASA Glenn Job Fair

"Positions will include all GS grades and will be located in Huntsville, AL, near the Marshall Space Flight Center. All offers made prior to the NSSC selection will be contingent on the QUESTeam's selection as the NSSC Service Provider."

NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) at Glenn Job Fair

"There are three potential locations in the competition that are on or near a NASA Center, they are: Stennis Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center and Glenn Research Center."

Upcoming Job Fairs

NASA Langley to Host Recruiting Event

"On February 23, the Langley Research Center will be hosting an agency wide recruiting event with recruiters from Johnson Space Center (JSC), Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), Headquarters (HQ), NASA Shared Service Center Inherently Governmental (NSSC-IG) and the NASA Shared Service Center Most Efficient Organization (NSSC-MEO)."

Glenn Research Center to Hold NASA Job Fair

"Glenn Research Center will be hosting a NASA Job Fair on Thursday, February 24, 2005, at the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) and the Development Engineering Building (DEB), Building 500, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m."

Marshall pulls jobs fair aimed at its own staff, Huntsville Times

"The job fair flip-flop could just be a miscommunication, but it also could be a sign of more cuts than expected in the work force here, said Keith Cowing, who runs the independent Web site NASAWatch. "There are job cuts across the agency," Cowing said. "With the way the (space exploration) vision is shaping up and the current budget, there are likely" to be more job cuts at space centers."

NASA workers decry possible cuts, Daily Press

"[Marie] Lane said Langley managers told her NASA would only reassign workers this year. Now she hears that those workers will be laid off. "We've been lied to," she said."

Ohio's delegation takes aim at NASA cuts, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Aeronautics has "been an integral part of the development of our country, certainly to the development of Ohio," said Sen. Mike DeWine. Members of the Ohio delegation sent a letter to Bush on Thursday urging him to reconsider the budget proposal."

NASA Langley, Op Ed, Daily Press

"Center Director Roy Bridges referred to "transformation" when he told Langley employees about the cuts. Well, yes, when a house falls down, it is transformed. By all appearances, NASA Langley is falling. When this "transformation" is complete, what will be left?"

Legislators unite to fight cuts at yards and Langley, Virginia Pilot

"The National Aeronautics Support Team, formed six years ago by Hampton Roads residents to preserve jobs at Langley, plans to join supporters of Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, another NASA center that focuses on aeronautics, to lobby for funding."

Legislators: We'll work to prevent Langley cuts, Daily Press

"Congresswoman JoAnn Davis, Congressman Bobby Scott and other political leaders say they plan to do the utmost to restore money to the proposed 2006 federal budget to prevent the loss of 1,000 jobs at NASA Langley Research Center and cuts in aeronautics funding."

Hot Potato

He lands on feet in post at NASA, Lancaster Online

Going From Jail to Mars, and Beyond, Washington Post

"The second Bush administration has been much kinder to Thomas P. Jasin than the first. In this administration, he's just been named director of NASA's Robotic Lunar Exploration Program, preparing the way for future manned missions. In the first, he found himself doing a stretch in the federal slammer after being found guilty of conspiring to evade the international arms embargo against South Africa in a deal involving Stryker anti-tank missiles."

LaRC Buyout Targets

NASA LaRC Buyout Target Pool: Non-Engineering and Engineering Positions

Total Non-Engineering and Engineering Positions 513+441 = 954

Latest Job Loss Impact News

- Cuts at NASA may lead to cuts in city budgets, Cleveland Sun Newspapers
- Plum Brook likely won't feel NASA cuts, chief says, The Morning Journal
- Bush budget shakes up region, Cleveland Plain Dealer
- Dryden losing jobs, funds, Los Angeles Daily News

NASA MSFC Internal Memo: Marshall to host KSC/JSC Recruiting Event

"On February 16 and 17, 2005, the Marshall Space Flight Center will be hosting a joint recruiting event involving recruiters from both the Kennedy Space Center and the Johnson Space Center."

Editor's update: Sources now suggest that this memo was sent out prematurely and that this job fair won't be happening after all. MSFC employees report that they are getting conflicting messages from management (starting with Dave King), that the websites they are supposed to get information from do not work, and that some of their upper management have discouraged them from applying for these jobs suggesting that MSFC employees won't be able to get jobs at other centers.

Update: this memo (below) has been sent to MSFC personnel. It would seem that the Human Resources Office at MSFC is not ready for prime time. Indeed, this is hardly the sort message for MSFC management to be sending to their employees right now when people need to be reassured that their management is looking out for them - not dropping the ball.

NASA MSFC Activity Notice: Personnel Realignment Activity For February 16-17 Canceled

GRC All Hands

GRC Job Fair

Glenn Research Center to Host NASA Job Fair

"Glenn Research Center will be hosting a NASA Job Fair on Thursday, February 24, 2005, at the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI), from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The following Centers will be participating: Goddard Space Flight Center, Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, in addition to NASA Headquarters."

ARC All Hands Presentation

New Buyout at LaRC

NASA LaRC Memo: CD COMM #2005-2 Buyout Opportunity

"In light of the Center's FY06 budget situation and the accompanying civil service workforce reductions, I have decided to announce an immediate buyout opportunity for the same skills that were included in the buyout that opened in December. While our original plans did not include another buyout opportunity this year, the A-76 decision and the magnitude of the FY06 budget reductions have required us to adjust our workforce planning scenarios."

Budget cuts might cause blip here, Daily Press

"Two sailors basically support one civilian job because sailors have to get haircuts, furnish their homes, and lead lives outside of work. Highly paid NASA engineers support even more workers, because they have more money to spend, Whaley said."

NASA LaRC Memo: Informational Notice of Reduction in Force (RIF) - LaRC Machine Shop

"On behalf of the Center Director, I am providing you with an informational notice of a Center-wide RIF Affecting GS-13 positions and below. While the outcome of this RIF is not known at this time, this notice is intended to alert you of possible impact. The RIF will be conducted pursuant to the regulations of 5 C.F.R. Part 351 . RIF Procedures are necessary to implement the competitive sourcing decision that resulted in the Government's Most Efficient Organization (MEO) being selected to perform the Metallic Test Articles and General and Precision Machining function."

NASA LaRC CD COMM # 2005-1 FY05 Procurement Reductions

"The Headquarters Mission Directorates and we are in the process of examining and understanding the FY05 budget as passed by the Congress as part of the Omnibus Budget Act. Thus far, our analysis shows significant changes between the President's submittal and the final budget. These changes arise primarily from congressionally directed activities ("earmarks"), budget rescissions and other institutional factors, including a reduced buyout and higher than anticipated utility costs. We have to free up procurement dollars to fund these "unfunded" mandates."



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