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Joe Loftus Has Died

Loftus, 75, former official for NASA, Houston Chronicle

"Joseph P. "Joe" Loftus Jr., who became assistant director of the Johnson Space Center after his dreams of being an astronaut were dashed, died of septicemia Sept. 4 in Bend, Ore. He was 75."

Layoff Update

GESTA News - RIF Information

"To the best of GESTA's knowledge there are no plans at GSFC for a RIF. However, other Centers are not as fortunate! Currently, Local 28 at Glenn has a grievance filed against their Center Management for running "Mock RIFs" without consultation with the union. Additionally it is reported that JPL have started issuing "Layoff" notices and about 200 employees and 100 contractors could face layoffs."

They're Hiring at Stennis

NASA looking for employees, Picayune Item

"CSC is hiring about 450 people for the NASA Shared Services Center but are looking to fill about 200 positions in the next 45 to 60 days, said Mark C. Milleker, vice president of Human Services for CSC."

NASA Internal Memo From Associate Administrator Rex Geveden: Freeze on Center Hiring

"After the Headquarters Institutional Requirements Review and Agency buyouts are completed, I will be reviewing the Center requirements to determine appropriate Center ceilings. Between now and then, any critical hiring exceptions must be forwarded to me for approval."

NASA Layoff Update

New Staff, New Direction for NASA - Shake-Up Is Part of Chief's Plan to Reach for the Moon (Again), Washington Post

"The committee called over to NASA, and they tried to be argumentative and to stonewall," the source said. "It could have been handled much more smoothly." This source blamed the misunderstanding on NASA's new chief of staff, Paul Morrell, hired by Griffin from the White House National Security Council. Morrell, according to this source, "is in over his head."

NASA Glenn bleeding jobs; prospects are poor, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"NASA Glenn Research Center, which is bracing for deep budget cuts next year, has already lost more than 550 contractors and civil servants since late last year. That's nearly one in five of those who work at the space lab next to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. These losses are just the beginning. More drastic cuts are expected next year."

Layoff Update

JPL Layoffs Have Begun, La Canada Valley Sun

"The first round of reductions to meet that cut will involve layoffs for about 200 regular employees and 100 contractors, according to JPL officials. Total work force at the La Caada facility is about 5,400."

The New Regime, Government Executive

Griffin: "Our plans and our budgets left us with 2,000 civil servants who weren't assigned to a job that NASA was doing. For many years, NASA did not address a growing mismatch between what our civil service skill mix was and what we needed it to be. As we change our emphasis, some skills aren't needed anymore."

NASA ARC Reader note: "Last Friday (October 14th) was the final day on the "back side" of the WARN Act invoked here on the Lockheed Martin contract in August (reported by NASAWATCH earlier). Somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 LM personnel (highly experienced scientists and engineers) were processed and let go."

NASA GRC Reader note: "The significant contractor layoffs at GRC have reached a magnitude that is requiring at least one contractor and probably more, to comply with the provision of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act ("WARN act"): Simply this act requires companies to provide 60 days advance notice prior to a mass layoff if more than 50 employs are being let go and more than 33% of the company is to be terminated."

Readdy Departs NASA

Editor's note: Friday was the last day at NASA for former Space Operations Mission Directorate Associate Administrator and astronaut Bill Readdy. While Readdy has not yet announced his future plans, an image emerged this afternoon at a picnic at Fort Hunt Park which gives a possible hint to his next job. Stay tuned.

HQ Layoff Update

Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from a "NASA Headquarters Institutional Requirements Review" memo from Rex Geveden

"I. Workforce Review
9. Identify what activities would not be done if a ceiling reduction of 40% were imposed by placing impacted activities below a bold line.
A. provide an impact statement of a 40% ceiling reduction on an attachment."

ARC Layoff Update

NASA GSFC Solicitation: Leadership Alchemy Program

"Leadership Alchemy adopts an ontological, holistic, and whole-person approach. It is a rigorous program that encompasses individual and team learning in the context of workshops, Learning Team meetings, mentoring, coaching, interviewing, and shadowing." ... "Products utilized by Bridges in Organizations, Inc. include, and are not limited to, Learning Guides, workshop handouts and materials, workshop posters, a Mentor-Protg Conversational Guide, and an Alchemist's Toolkit."

Editor's note: WOW - Harry Potter would love this. Where can I get an "Alchemist's Toolkit"? This sounds like one of those programs designed to give people a charge code so they can avoid going to meetings. I wonder what they mean by "shadowing". Sounds kind of creepy - like stalking. What is the point of funding these things - I thought Mike Griffin was going to do away with all of this stuff since he does not practice it in his own management style ("with regard to feelings: I don't do feelings. Just think of me as Spock.").

Reader comment: "Please keep my name and email anonymous. Thank you. I am a program manager at JPL and am watching the layoffs with shock and awe. I'm writing today to add some facts and observations to your ongoing report."

Another Reader comment: "Someone needs to tell Dr. gRIFfin that there is no humane way to do what is being done right now. Just because he smiles and says he understands does not make it humane. Current management has already taken things beyond where Goldin had it. A bar that I thought would never be crossed."

JPL Layoff Update

Reader comment: "As you have already published earlier in your RIF Watch, JPL is hemorraging. Aside from the 300+ contractors, folks deemed non-essential have also been given their walking papers. In this time of crisis, and, one would think, increased communication, the Internal Communications Manager has been let go. Go figure."

Elachi details lab cuts - Layoffs needed to offset reduction in NASA funding, Pasadena Star-News

"Between 5 percent and 8 percent of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's work force will be laid off in coming weeks, a move intended to help offset JPL's smaller than expected slice of the 2006 NASA budgetary pie, according to an announcement made Monday."

Editor's note: This short note appeared on the GSFC Sciences and Exploration Directorate website dated 28 Sept 2005: "Meet Goddard's new Chief Scientist Dr. James Garvin returns to Goddard as the Center's new Chief Scientist. Welcome back Jim!"

Of course, since Mike Griffin has told people "just call me Spock", it is logical that he'd take the Chief Scientist role on himself (see "Scotty: I Need That CEV in 2010 Or We're All Going to Die!"). Curiously, HQ still lists Jim Garvin as the agency's Chief Scientist.

TFOME Layoffs at GRC

Editor's note: The following memo was sent out on Monday alerting GRC contractor employees of imminent layoffs:

New JSC Center Director

Editor's note: The name circulating around the agency as the new center director for JSC is former astronaut Michael Coats currently vice president and deputy for space exploration at Lockheed Martin.

Jeffrey Jezierski Named NASA's Deputy Chief of Staff

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin today named Jeffrey T. Jezierski, deputy chief of staff for the agency. This new role is in addition to his duties as White House liaison."

Howell is Out at JSC

Howell Leaving NASA's Johnson Space Center

"Jefferson Davis Howell, Jr., is leaving his position as director of NASA's Johnson Space Center to join the University of Texas, Austin. NASA has initiated a search for a successor, and Howell will stay on until a replacement is named."

Editor's note: Word has it that Fred Gregory's last day as Deputy Administrator will be this coming Friday. You may see him in the hallways for a while as he burns some unused annual leave. Fred has told people that he currently has no specific plans after leaving NASA. Meanwhile, Deputy Administrator nominee Shana Dale is supposed to be on the job by mid-October. As such, you can expect her confirmation hearing to be announced soon.



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