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Shana Dale Is On Board

Shana Dale Sworn in As NASA Deputy Administrator

Shana Dale was sworn in today as NASA's 12th deputy administrator at the agency's headquarters in Washington. Before coming to NASA, Dale was deputy director for Homeland and National Security for the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

Marshall eager to update its 1960s look, Huntsville Times

"Cramer said he will continue to fight for more NASA construction money, "but there will be tougher budget battles" in the future. "There is poison in the air when it comes to the budget," Cramer said. "It's going to become harder and harder to fund projects in the near future, and I believe there may be a time soon when we have to deal directly with budget deficits."

Bad Days Ahead for Goddard

Large Budgetary and Personnel Cuts Lay Ahead for NASA Goddard, GSFC

"According to a briefing given just before the Thanksgiving holiday a large budget decrease - and large job cuts - lay ahead for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center located in Greenbelt, Maryland. "There will be 500-1,000 fewer jobs in Maryland" Weiler told the attendees."

Letter regarding Center Buyouts from NASA Adminstrator to Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices and Directors, NASA Centers

"During the coming months, we will continue these efforts, including this final buyout opportunity, to reduce the need for a reduction in force (RIF) at our Centers. In June 2006, I will assess our progress and decide at that time whether or not the agency will conduct a RIF in early fiscal year 2007."

Kostelnik Lands at DHS

Former NASA executive to head Homeland Security aviation unit, Goverment Executive

"Michael Kostelnik will become assistant commissioner for CBP Air, replacing acting assistant commissioner Charles Stallworth. Kostelnik will step in during what has been a difficult transition for the organization."

Mike "Mini" Mott Has Died

Boeing Statement on Death of NASA Systems Vice President Mike Mott

Editor's note: includes info on funeral and memorial arrangements.

Editor's note: From Kathy Mott: "Kathy Mott, son - Michael, and daughter - Ashley, have asked that we let you know that Mini died peacefully this morning at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Mini was a Marine, an aviator, a patriot, and loving son, husband and father. We'll all miss him! Information regarding services will be forthcoming."

GRC RIF Update

NASA GRC Internal Memo: Reduction in Force (RIF) Update

"As you know from several recent communications from the Center Director, while no decision has been made to conduct a Reduction in Force (RIF), the Center is currently preparing should one become necessary. This memorandum explains important next steps in the preparation process, and requests your assistance in assuring that your employee records are accurate and current."

Shana Dale Adds to Her Staff

Editor's note: Robert "Bob" Hopkins is joining NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale's staff as Senior Advisor to the Deputy Administrator. Hopkins worked with Dale at OSTP as Special Assistant for Public Affairs when she was Chief of Staff and General Counsel.

ARC Buyout Update

KARC Radio: The Hubbard Report 31 October 2005

"Now, if we have a RIF, this is the worst of all possible outcomes. Every time we've looked at where other agencies have done a reduction in force, we have found problems. It is a terrible outcome. It is, in many ways, a lose/lose situation." ... "Nevertheless, if we cannot move enough work in-house, if we can't acquire enough new business, and in particular if we can't get a large enough buyout, we do face the awful possibility of having a reduction in force. It is the court of last resort. It's not something that I want."

Editor's note: Check this link at USAJobs:

"Department: US National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Agency: John F. Kennedy Space Center
Sub Agency: ZO-O, Animal Directorate
Job Announcement Number: KS06N0041

JOB SUMMARY: The world's leader in space and aeronautics is always seeking outstanding scientists, engineers, and other talented professionals to carry forward the great discovery process that its mission demands. Creativity. Ambition. Safety awareness. A sense of daring. And a probing mind. That's what it takes to join the NASA team.

Directs all the animals in the zoo.

For questions about this job: Marlin Perkins Internet:"

Editor's update: Having been cited on NASA Watch the following notice now appears: "We're sorry. This job has been removed from the site and is no longer available for viewing." Curious how they refer to what was originally posted here as being a "job". Here is a screen grab of what it looked like before the attempt to sanitize the situation. Of course, reading this zoo job position description, I was immediately reminded of this classic posting from NASA Watch (then known as "RIF Watch") from 1995:

NASA HQ Internal Memo: Headquarters Buyout/Early Out Update

"The Headquarters Buyout/Early Out opportunity for employees is currently scheduled to open the week of Dec. 5, 2005, with employees accepting the buyout to be off the rolls by Jan. 3, 2005. We are finalizing several steps, as outlined below, to effect a successful buyout and to ensure that employees are fully informed of the opportunities to participate."

Editor's note: Hmmm - this is an interesting way to save additional money. They want people off the rolls by "Jan. 3, 2005" - that's nearly a year ago. I guess they just bought a time machine - this way they can save an additional year's salary from last year's budget to use next year! I'd love to see how Gwen Sykes implements this new way of accounting ...

Willis Shapley Dies; NASA Official Boosted Manned Moon Landing, Washington Post

"Willis Harlow Shapley, 88, the third-ranking administrator at NASA during the Apollo era and an authority on federal funding for research and development, died Oct. 24 at Sibley Memorial Hospital"

AEA officer wants A&M investigation

"The president of the Alabama A-and-M University chapter of the Alabama Education Association is asking the university's trustees to investigate why Julian Earls turned down the job of A-and-M president. Regina Colston says the trustees need to look into whether Earls received intimidating communications about becoming president."

Rumors flying on A&M rejection, Huntsville Times

"Earls, executive director of NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, said in a prepared statement Monday afternoon that any such allegations are false. "There is no truth to the rumor that any family member or I received intimidating communication from anyone concerning the offer to be president of Alabama A&M," he said."

Grim RIFer Visits ARC

Reader note: On Halloween the Grim RIFer was seen lurking around at least one building at NASA Ames. Some photos were taken of it near some simulator buildings, hawking pink slips/stickies. It also took a coffee/cigarette break at one point. See attached photos. It also gave out pink slips and some "buyout checks" to civil servants. It would sniff contractors, growl, and turn away from them, however. Those photos are not attached so as to protect the innocent. Yes, this was a Halloween practical joke at Ames. No, please don't use my email/name/address.

NASA Excerpts from Conference Report on H.R. 2862, Science, State, Justice, Commerce and Related Agenices Approp Act 2006

"The conferees note that NASA has, in the past few months, used its buyout authority to promote voluntary separations as a first attempt at reshaping its workforce. The conferees believe that at this early stage, NASA has been able to reshape its workforce without losing critical workforce skills. The conferees direct that NASA shall not go beyond using voluntary buyout authority until it has developed a comprehensive coordinated restructuring plan and implementation roadmap, and has provided a report to the Congress detailing the steps that will be taken in reshaping the agency's human and physical capital assets."

MSFC Buyout Update

NASA MSFC Internal Memo: Opportunity for Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (Buyout)

"Marshall Space Flight Center is pleased to be able to offer to its civil service employees a buyout opportunity worth up to $25,000 for eligible employees. This memorandum serves as official notice that the buyout application period opens on November 8, 2005, and closes on December 9, 2005."

ARC Buyout Update

NASA ARC Internal Memo: Buyout/Earlyout Opportunity

"Ames is offering voluntary separation incentives (buyouts) and voluntary early out retirement to employees in selected competencies. An employee does not have to be eligible for early or full retirement to take advantage of the buyout authority; eligible employees who resign can also receive a buyout."

GRC Buyout Update

NASA GRC Memo: Application for Voluntary Separation Incentive (Buyout) and Early Out Authority

"The Voluntary Separation Incentive (Buyout)/Voluntary Early Retirement (VERA) Plan submitted to Headquarters on October 21, 2005, has been approved. As a result, the Glenn Research Center is now authorized to conduct a buyout with the primary objective being to facilitate the rightsizing and rebalancing of skills in order to better position the Center to be more competitive and play a significant role in support of the President's Exploration Vision."

NASA Names Former Astronaut Michael Coats New Johnson Space Center Director

"Michael L. Coats has been named director of NASA's Johnson Space Center. Coats is a former astronaut, and he currently is vice president of Lockheed Martin Astronautics in Denver. He will become the ninth person to serve as director in the center's 44-year history."

New JSC Center Director, NASA Watch. 5 October 2005

"The name circulating around the agency as the new center director for JSC is former astronaut Michael Coats currently vice president and deputy for space exploration at Lockheed Martin."

LaRC Buyout Update

NASA LaRC Internal Memo: Buyout Approved

"The buyout application window will open on Monday, November 7 and close on Monday, November 28. Buyout separations must occur on or before January 3, 2006. Extensions beyond this date will be rare, must be mission-related, and require HQ approval."

GRC Layoff Update

Reader note: "Thebloodshed and brain drain continues at the NASA Glenn Research Center. Today NASA Glenn's largest engineering contractor Zin Technologies issued walking papers to 105 of their talented engineering staff totaling a full 70% of the company at this location."

Boeing employees on picket line; strike threatens space launches, Decatur Daily

"The union timed the strike to coincide with IAM strikes in Huntsville and at all of Boeing's Delta launch sites in Florida and California. Collectively, the strikes have stalled two scheduled satellite launches, with more delays expected."

Boeing warehouse workers strike, Daily Breeze

"Boeing has proposed denying retirement benefits, including medical and life insurance, to employees hired after July 2006, Quick said. In addition, Boeing proposed increasing employees' out-of-pocket expenses for medical premiums and co-payments, the union said."

Headquarters All Hands: Institutional Requirements Review (IRR): "Please join NASA Associate Administrator Rex Geveden as he rolls out the results of the Headquarters Institutional Requirements Review (IRR). Following his presentation there will be a Q & A session with Chief of Staff Paul Morrell, Mr. Geveden and other experts. This will take place on Thursday, Nov. 3 at 1:30 p.m. in the auditorium. You can also watch the program on NASA Television, NASA HQ Channel 36."

Earls Turns Down Job Offer

A&M's pick to run school rejects offer, Huntsville Times

"Now that Dr. Julian Earls has turned down the offer to become president of Alabama A&M University, school trustees must decide whether to offer the post to one of the other two finalists or begin anew, said Clinton Johnson, trustees president pro tem."

Dale Confirmation Hearing

Senate Commerce Committee to Hold Nominations Hearing

"Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Co-Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) have announced that the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a Full Committee hearing on Tuesday, November 1, 2005 ... "Shana Dale to be Deputy Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration"

Live webcast starts at 10:00 AM EST



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